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Bass Fishing: Swimbait Vs. Underspin Challenge

Today we go head-to-head with a weedless swimbait and an underspin! Matt is throwing a Beast Hook paired with a variety of paddle tail swimbaits while Tim is using a Flashy Swimmer weedless underspin. Which one will catch the most? Which one will catch the biggest bass? Come along for the fun and a bonus BIG catch!

Both hook styles can be incredibly effective. The Beast Hook has a deep gap, resulting in an amazing hook up ratio. The gap also allows the hook to pair with a variety of baits. The Flashy Swimmer has a narrower gap but is offered in heavier weights and includes a fish attracting blade. The flashy swimmer has incredible drawing power for its size and is a great option around baitfish.

Today the fish were clearly favoring the Beast hook. The natural presentation proved irresistible to fish of all sizes. Below is a break down of the hooks, baits, and tackle we were using.

The hooks…

Beast Hook 4/0 with 1/8 oz:
Flashy Swimmer 5/0 with 1/4 oz:

The baits…

Keitech 4.8 Fat Swing Impact:
Reaction Innovations Skinny Dipper:
Strike King 4.75 Rage Swimmer:
Little Creeper Trash Fish:

Tim’s Combo…

Rod- G Loomis GLX 894 JWR:
Reel- Curado DC HG:
Line- 40 lb Power Pro MaxCuatro:
Leader- 18 lb Maxima Ultragreen:

Matt’s Combo…

Rod- Shimano Expride 7’2″ Heavy:
Reel- Metanium DC HG:
Line- 50 lb MaxCuatro Braid:
Leader- 18 lb Maxima Ultragreen:

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Sun Mask:
Sun Shirt w/ Hood:
Light Fishing Pants:
Reaper Hoodie (Hoodie with Warm Face Cover built in):
Horizon Sweater (Water resistant, great for layering):

Equipment We Recommend…

Minn Kota Ultrex Trolling Motor:
Humminbird Solix 15 Electronics:
Minn Kota Talons:
Hot Foot Throttle Control:
Loc-R-Bar Boat Security:

Favorite Storage Box:
Favorite Pliers:
Favorite Split Ring Pliers:
Favorite Wire Cutters:
Favorite life jacket:
Favorite sunglasses:
Hero7 Camera:
ElectroSamson Scale:
Promar Net:
Lure Retriever:

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  1. Random question I've noticed in alot of fishing videos guys on boats often wear flip flops even when it's cold and they are wearing jackets and pants is there a reason for the flip flops or is it just personal choice just seems like in the cold it's not the best choice and I'm wondering if there is a reason that makes cold feet worth it

  2. When do you choose a swimbait over a spinnerbait, also can I fish a swimbait with a worm weight instead of a belly weighted hook

  3. I really enjoyed this video. Thank you. You have shown me that the details matter. I like the challenges where the bait is slightly modified and see who boats more fish. Your you tube channel is one of the best.

  4. When I throw Keitech rigs like this, I mostly use my spinning gear. Am I missing something big by doing this? I haven't noticed any issues with it.

  5. Hi tactical! I’m a smoker, i smoke a lot of ciggerettes. I love to fish while smoking, I never see any pros smoking? Can you do a ciggerette video?

  6. @tacticalbassin can you guys do a seminar style video on how different lure types and colors typically correspond with different weather types? That would be a huge help to me because I have a lot of trouble putting a pattern together. Most of my outings are just hit or miss. And I'm really trying to up my game and start competing in some entry level tournaments. Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide. Im addicted to watching your videos. You guys are awesome

  7. Im an avid user of both rigs. Underspin being my favorite. I fish gin clear water in AZ. The gold blade underspin catches literally 2x's compared to silver. I assume the reason is it resembles what's on the daily menu more closely. Could there be any other reason why?

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