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Bass Fishing Bad Influences?

Ya’ll convinced me. We ain’t done yet. Thank you.

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  1. D.W.,quick fundraising idea. People would happily pay real money for genuine D.W. Verts tackle. Don't give up on what you love, It doesn't have to make sense. Best regards, Chris

  2. I was worried you were going to step into my fathers shoes and go the all work no play route, glad you're keeping on man. I can't say much though, my poor boat hasn't touched water since march 2022. But anyways, you only got one life, enjoy it when ya can.

  3. Glad youโ€™re staying with it. Just fish for fun and do the occasional small tourney. Thatโ€™s what Iโ€™ve been doing for the past 25 yrs or so. Like you, my job doesnโ€™t allow me to get on the water enough to stay competitive and I was just donating my money. I gave up on the bass club scene as well. Now I fish for fun with my buddies, by brother, or my Pops and enjoy every trip. I still try to keep my competitive edge and sometimes weโ€™ll do a cookie jar tourney more for fun and bragging rights. Then, weโ€™ll all enjoy a couple of cold ones at the ramp. Itโ€™s fun just to hang out and enjoy everybodyโ€™s company. I enjoy your vids. Best of luck to you.

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