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BACK 2 BACK 10#s (This bait keeps showing out)

After catching one over 10#s on Toledo the same bait catches me another 10#. This bait keep on catching giant and yet still not many people throw it. Here’s the reason you should.






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  1. Love this bait, don’t have the deal though. My favorite color is the translucent like lavender but the bill broke on it. I need to place an order soon.

  2. Bought 5 Strike King Hybrid Hunter Jr's. Off Van Dam Warehouse for $5.99 a piece. I picked the colors that I thought would work on my pond that I bank fish. Going to test them out this weekend. There's grass in the pondI We will see how well it works. Todd has really been hyping this bait up. He said he designed this bait for StrikeKing. He's good but not that good. If I catch a PB when I go! Then I will believe. Most baits catch the fisherman. Not everybody lives in Texas or Florida! Shawn.

  3. Awesome catch & you seem pretty dam calm for catching a 10+ pounder! I'd say extremely rare to catch 2 10's within same year let alone back to back weeks! I'm originally from southwest Ohio so a 10lb bass is basically in heard of. To catch a 5-6lb is excellent. Sense we moved to southern SC I've been catching ton of big bass just haven't broken the double digit yet.

  4. Im trying hard to catch one 10+ lbs. Haven't broken that double digit yet. Fish alot big swimbaits which has gotten me all my big bass so far. 2 weeks ago I caught a 7lb 4oz a 5lb 8oz & then a 8lb 6oz which is my new PB largemouth. All on top water & big glide bait. Was awesome day in kayak! One of my best if not my best. I'm curious if fishing out of a kayak keeps the fish pinned a little better? Just having less resistance in water compared to a big boat. You can get pulled around alot more.

  5. Very cool double fish of a lifetime for most of us. Thank you for sharing! Could you have entered the Ray Roberts fish in the Toyota ShareLunker program?

  6. I have one of almost every color. Took me the longest to get the smooth. Love them. Only crankbait I have other then a wake bait, a square bill and a couple jerk baits. I'm 65, when I was a teenager I fished with a bait called a scout. They both fish the same, but the scout had a mental bill shaped like a scoop and was made of wood. My saying back then was "when in doubt use a scout". Caught them when nothing else would. It flouted and you could fish it anywhere without getting hung up because of it's tight wiggle and it would float up.

  7. Two years ago I caught em real good on a powerplant lake in Texas in the early post spawn ripping it through the grass, hands down the most vicous bites I ever experienced all 4 to 6 #ers this year not so much. They will do a number on your hooks.

  8. Been throwing it awhile now, fish catcher for sure. My only problem is they all roll to the surface when i try burning them. No amount of line tie tuning will stop it.

  9. Congrats on the catches! A real shame it wasn't during a tourney. Hey, call Hackney and tell him it wasn't a RED crankbait!!! Wish I was there in Texas.

  10. I will not be upset if people continue to sleep on this bait. I’ve got more fish on a hybrid hunter jr this year than every other bait in my tackle box combined. Has SK considered expanding the color options? Id buy more if they offered a couple new bluegill patterns.

  11. That's freaking awesome,I have some luck on the hh but I really need to throw it more,people laugh at me when I break it out,and I hope it stays that way,good luck out there

  12. Hey bud awesome double 10's. In your Toledo Bend video, it looked you was yo-yoing the bait instead of a normal retrieve or am I mistaken. Might have to add those to my arsenal.

  13. Hey Todd. I started using the hybrid hunter two maybe three years ago from watching one of your videos. I’ve never caught a bass on it that’s under three pounds. Usually the bass I catch on it are in the four pound range.
    I fish in west Texas where the lakes are usually stained and I’ve done really well with the chartreuse colors.
    Thanks for telling us about the lure.

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