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Bank Fishing With a Heart tail swimbait

In a how to format, I explain where to cast, how to hold the rod, how to set the hook and how to rig the swim bait!


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  1. Seriously this man is magic. How the hell does he do this? Every video i watch hes catching bass after bass after bass with such high success rates. Its almost unbelievable.

  2. The bad part about this swimbait is that I can't even find it for sale anymore. What happened? I don't even see it at Gary Yamoto's website. If you know where I can get them, please let me know.

  3. I caught a limit on this bait yesterday. It works great, but they tear up too easy. After one or two fish, you have to pinch it off and re-rig. It doesn't work too well afterwards unless using in low-light conditions. I love this bait.

  4. I love how he looks back at the camera to make sure we are watching, trust me Mr Roland we are watching intently to every move you make and learning as we watch you sir

  5. Roland casts out trice and catches a 3 pounder 😂
    I’ve banked fished in Ontario the last 3 years and have caught some decent fish but sometimes it’s like your casting into a swimming pool of nothingness
    So I got a small boat and I’ll tell you it makes a world of difference.
    Love the content Roland! I’ve learned so much

  6. At 3:04, Rolnd says “let me try another spot . . . “. In the time that he paused to reel, the bait fell down to the bottom, and the bass hit it. Almost knocked the rod out of his hands. Its a Kraken!

  7. I’m a straight up newbie to fishing, 2 weeks into it 😄, absolutely hooked and I’ve been learning at lot from you Roland, awesome videos, simple, practical, no nonsense, educational, most of all, you make it fun to watch. Thank you sir! 👍🇺🇸👍

  8. You can reuse the swimbait if you cut off 1/4inch of the tip that had the screwlock in it. You save money in the long run. Same with a worm, if the end gets ripped up, just cut off a small bit and it's like new again.

  9. Man I absolutely love your channel. I grew up watching you and learning from you. My kids have grown up watching you. One day my grandkids will do the same! You continuing to put videos on YouTube is a national treasure. I'm not joking. I hope they put your massive television and online library in to the national archives. Thank you for being you and allowing us to learn from your passion and experience!

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