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April Spotted Bass At Lake Lanier

Fishing for Bass at Lake Lanier in April can be confusing. You can have all kinds of different weather conditions. On this particular day we had high winds and chilly temperatures. Follow along as I catch some beautiful pre spawn Spotted Bass. Thanks for watching! Please consider subscribing.

music by Dana Smith



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  1. Wind or not I sure wish I was out there with ya today instead of here at on the first top water fish of 2022 Dana! I hope you're having a great week so far brother…Fish On!!!

  2. You're bouncing back very well Dana ! Looking Stronger , Sounding Stronger, and Catching Fish Just As Always !
    Looking forward to when your weather warms up and you really kick in to high gear ! 👍👍

  3. Nice one right off the bat there Dana, gotta love that early morning top water bite. Never realized that spotted bass’ eyes changed color when they were getting ready to spawn. Good to be able to get into some protected creek arms where there was less wind. The old blue worm was getting er done. Good one !

  4. Another good video. I live a 2 1/2 hrs south of Lanier and will be on my way there Monday to fish through Wednesday. You have given me a good starting point so I can narrow down how to start catching bass quicker. I love catching spotted bass. Thank you.

  5. Lanier has been so special lately all of our lakes have really been showing out ! Sometime you need to come fish my home lake carters lake we have some magnum spotted bass as well deep clear water I think you’d enjoy it

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