The Hottest New “Finesse” Glidebait In Bass Fishing..

Randy shows everybody a Finesse Glidebait and has a discussion on their effectiveness..#bassfishing #fishthemoment #fishing #bass #bassmaster #bassmasteropens #bassmasteropens #glidebait

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  1. Randy I’m a Missouri guy too. So this year I have jumped in on bigger swimbait. We have a family house at the Lake of the ozarks and I haven’t caught over 5.5 over in 6 years. So I just picked up the I glide 185. The biggest rod I have is the Megabass Valkyrie 7’4 heavy+ says 3oz and works great on the 185s. Do you think I could get away with the 262t on the Valkyrie?

  2. Great information Randy and congrats on getting 65k subscribers!! I just got back from MI, had to go up for work at one of our offices and I drove over the Maumee River going up and coming back. I could not believe how many people were out there fishing today for steelhead, it was unreal!! Just thought that I would share this.

  3. At 1oz, I'd be hard pressed to call that a finesse bait. Try the Gan Craft jointed claw 70. Weighs 4.6g and 2.75" long, that's the ultimate finesse glide bait.

  4. So how do you feel about knowing 9 out the top 10 in bass master classic were all using live scope?? I know I think it's messed up! The winner even said his best fish were found with LS suspended around no cover in middle of nowhere & he wouldn't found or caught them without LS! That's not a win in my book! I have trout pattern & no trout around here, but it works great that bluegill looks awesome!

  5. I do alot big swimbait fishing, soft baits. Only glide bait I have is ISlide 135. Had it about 2 yrs now, caught alot largemouth & striper on It. Great baits. Took me while to figure it out though but after that I started catching fish on it

  6. Randy, I have a new subject that is never brought up that maybe you can speak to in another video: Jerkbait Suspend Angles (nose up, nose leveled, nose down…etc). When and what angles matter when you tune them (or does it matter at all?). Many thanks if you make this video, it's been on my mind all week.

  7. It was so cool when he hit table rock in the winter and they were smacking that deps slide swimmer 115 glide bait. Good times, thanks again randy!

  8. I’ve been teaching myself this technique for about 3 weeks now and found an awesome rod for the purpose.
    Most who know me, know my rods are all original G.Loomis, and now Edge Rods, but for this technique, I found an Okuma extra heavy SST-C-902. This rod is 9’ (2 piece) and the casting ability is amazing… I don’t like braid (as I have mentioned before), so I’m using 17lb copolymer line on a 6.8:1 Curado. Swims perfectly and has accounted for several large bass (pre-spawn) ….

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