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Fishing Line is literally what is between us and the fish. Having a high quality line is so crucial!

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No matter what fish species you fish for…the most important part of fishing is landing fish and the most important part of landing our fishing line. Without strong line, you could not only lose a Personal Best but even a record breaking fish. When I was a teenager I remember making the jump from low cost fluorocarbon fishing line to a very expensive line, but the increase in performance was so evident that I was amazed. And as a tournament bass fisherman, where money is on the line, I have always wondered what is the best fishing line on the market? So I decided to spend $900 to buy every single brand of fluorocarbon fishing line that I could get my hands on and put them to the test to finally find the BEST FISHING LINE period!

So my objective is simple, I want to find the best fishing line. In order to do this I came up with 8 different tests that will show off the performance of each fishing line. Each line will go through every test and will be given a score of 1 to 29, with 29 points awarded to the fishing line the did best in each test and 1 point awarded to the fishing line that did worst. At the end of all the tests the fishing line with the most points will be considered the best fishing line on the planet!

BassFishingHQ is dedicated to teaching people how to catch more and bigger bass. I will go over different bass fishing tips & techniques that will put more fish in the boat or on the shore. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned tournament angler, my goal is to help you catch more bass.

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  1. This is hands down, by far, without a doubt the most in depth video I've seen! Thank your for spending the money, time, and energy to put this together, sir. If you're able to, would you be willing to do braid and monofilament in the future?

  2. Gosh thats a lot of tests. A micrometer would be much more accurate than a caliper on a soft material like flouride. Have you any idea if most of the brands you tested came from the same Chinese factory? My father won lots of competitions using 'gut' of ounces capacity and not remotely near 20 lbs as you tested. I have never caught any fish in Ireland of 20 lb. I did catch more than 20 lb off East and South Africa. But never using expensive flouride. My biggest hefty type harness Penn reel takes 30lb for international game fishing. Oh…one exception…I did catch a 90lb blue shark in Irelanc on my biggest reel once…the 30 lb one.

  3. I got the berkley floro as I love berkley products and what a mistake that was. The line breaks from the weight on the line and I couldn’t figure out why every hook set I was snapping then finally casting my hook and weight broke off multiple times and I figured it was my knot maybe. So I tied different knots and still was casting and losing the entire hook and weight set up. I went weightless and it worked for casting without breakage but still would break on any hook set after usage. I use Pline floroclear and it’s amazing. Absolutely great like really strong, doesn’t break often but it does stretch like crazy. Any cast with any distance and you try to set the hook even with a 7’4” rod and me being 6’2” I set the hook and the line stretches like what feels like forever. I think I’ll have to try a 12-14lb braid with a florocarbon leader as my local lakes are so heavily pressured. You’d be lucky to see someone not fishing at any lake at any time over a 6 month period

  4. Everyone is now online buying this and it will be sold out and the people at the factory will suddenly get paid lots of overtime. Go on admit it who imediately bought some?

  5. First of all I am a retired engineering teacher with 38 years of teaching experience. I commend you on your efforts. I ran many similar tests many times with my students under very strict conditions. Your testing conditions and testing methods were interesting without the use of expensive testing equipment. I wish I was still teaching so I could show my students your video. Nice job and thanks for sharing your experiment.

  6. Wow well what else is there to say other than bravo. Buddy you nailed it here and I admire the effort you put into this. Just learned what I want but as you can imagine it's now out of stock hahaha. Of course it is. I'll check out your page and order something as a thank you.

  7. Very impressive and scientifically unbiased testing. Thank you so much for all your time, effort, and money spent on this. I’ll be buying something from your store as a way to express my appreciation. And I’ll be getting some SPRO line soon too.

  8. I have mixed feelings about this. IMO Vanish is just ultra cheap junk. Berkeley 100 to me is too thick and has too much memory. I think I backlashed more with 100 than any line I have ever used so I'll take part of the blame for my hatred of 100. I know plenty who swear by it though but as for Berkeley line I'm just not a fan of either. That being said I am blown away by this testing. I can't even imagine the hours not to mention the thought processes that went into this. It's bonkers. I think I will stick with my Sunline Shooter and Sniper. About the Sunline Assassin, I used it one time for flipping. It has a weird texture to it. I never backlashed but it just felt weird. They must coat it with something. I'm not surprised you had trouble with it. Anyway, Thanks

  9. Awesome video, definitely gonna have a lot of fishermen scratching their heads!🤣😂🤣. Really enjoyed all the details along with your tedious work. 👍🏻🎣🇺🇸

  10. Coming from a guy who was purely salt water for the first 25 years of my life. I cannot begin to explain how helpful your videos are. Allot of time salt and fresh or even brackish fishing can all be so different that. So having this as reference is so valuable. Great test overall and I appreciate your desire for the most consistent data when testing. There’s so many die hard fans of different brands in the fishing game so having a none biased collection of data is also much appreciated.

  11. In the very beginning of this video could that person have "horsed" that Bass in any faster ?? Is this what Tournaments have caused ? Most everyone on here is probably waaaaay to young to know that " horsing" in a fish was a cardinal sin at one time.

  12. I didn’t see at the beginning you said anything about Ande line , I fished with a guide in Florida back in 1985 and he told me to use Ande line , he said my lively hood depends on me getting my clients fish to the boat and he said you don’t hear any commercials about Ande line he said but believe me it works , he said you won’t ever break off on a big bass using Ande line , he uses tournament 17 lb and 20 lb !!!!

  13. I'm genuinely curious why you don't use braided line. It casts better, it doesn't have memory, it's thinner with more strength. Why use fluorocarbon still?

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