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Fishing Line is literally what is between us and the fish. Having a high quality line is so crucial!

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No matter what fish species you fish for…the most important part of fishing is landing fish and the most important part of landing our fishing line. Without strong line, you could not only lose a Personal Best but even a record breaking fish. When I was a teenager I remember making the jump from low cost fluorocarbon fishing line to a very expensive line, but the increase in performance was so evident that I was amazed. And as a tournament bass fisherman, where money is on the line, I have always wondered what is the best fishing line on the market? So I decided to spend $900 to buy every single brand of fluorocarbon fishing line that I could get my hands on and put them to the test to finally find the BEST FISHING LINE period!

So my objective is simple, I want to find the best fishing line. In order to do this I came up with 8 different tests that will show off the performance of each fishing line. Each line will go through every test and will be given a score of 1 to 29, with 29 points awarded to the fishing line the did best in each test and 1 point awarded to the fishing line that did worst. At the end of all the tests the fishing line with the most points will be considered the best fishing line on the planet!

BassFishingHQ is dedicated to teaching people how to catch more and bigger bass. I will go over different bass fishing tips & techniques that will put more fish in the boat or on the shore. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned tournament angler, my goal is to help you catch more bass.

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  1. The truth is that it depends on what type of fishing you do !!
    I use braid for most of my coarse fishing , including pike fishing, I use a fluoro leader sometimes and of course always use a wire trace for the pike…


  2. Awesome video, Ty!!! I'd love to see you do the same test that had mono and copolymers, since these are typically what most use and the most budget friendly; plus, add into the test the SPRO to see how they all do against each other. I'd like to see how Sufix Advance mono and Trilene Sensation compare to the others. Also, I see that a few of the flourocarbons you used in this test (Diawa & Trilele) were "leader material" flouro which I think is not the same as regular casting flouro. Again, great video and please do a mono / copolymer test. Thanks!!!

  3. I know I'm late to the party, but would love to see at combination test of line stretch and remaining strength. To put my thought into perspective, does the line loose strength after being stretched? are we more prone to a breakage in line after hooking a "big one" and would that predicate a need to change line?

  4. But why would I use floro vs braid or mono or nylon copolymer? wonderfully thorough test of fluorocarbon but without testing the other types it's hard to say that it's a test of the best fishing line available.

  5. Flouro carbon lines are not all the same that’s a fact . But not all applications of line are the same . I think people focus to much on finding “ A “ line and not realizing that it’s more of a technique specific. I fish the ca delta and we have very thick vegetation. I like a hard line with less stretch for flipping and jigs , I also use this line for big swimbaits. Pline Halo is the best I have found for this . Moving baits as well as treble hook baits I like something softer that has a little stretch and castablity Daiwa samurai is great for this . Both are premium line but both are very different from eachother. When it comes to to braid I choose quiet over durability 80lb Daiwa samurai braid . It’s a premium line but for punching heavy mats and stealth there is nothing better . I have use all most every brand out there JDM and domestic . Mono to braid and honestly there are mono lines out there that out preform floro in my opinion but not the premium floro lines . It’s all about finding what works for you . I heard a lot of guys in the past complaining about the stiffness of floro back in the day , they didn’t understand how that stiffness translates bites . I’m not a fan of this new softer floro but I do use it in certain applications. Ag the end of the day we are spoiled with selection today and many are gimmicky just like lures . Find what you like and fish what works for you . There honestly is no “ Best “ there is just what’s best for you . Fishing is all about confidence and in today’s world everyone is trying to sell you something. Don’t buy all the bs , you’ll go broke .

  6. Thanks for doing this I was actually researching a new line bc the past few spools of the line Ive used for 20 years have absolutely sucked I'm switching and I'm going to take your results and give it a try Thanks

  7. I have been a diehard Sunline Sniper fan for almost a decade. Just ordered a full set of SPRO 6# – 20# to replace my Sunline.

    This video was 10/10. Thank you for your time and efforts to put it together. Very educational and very well devisedz

  8. I enjoy to watch your video. I think that your test penalized the thicker line. First already with your first test only collected few point because they are tick then 2 more test where you create an index to take in consideration the tickness of the line.

  9. Excellent test! Here are 2 minor criticisms. Strike king 20 is larger diameter than gold label 30. I wonder how the abrasion resistance compares? One of the reasons for using flourocarbon is that the refractive index is the same as water so it disappears in water. Have any of these lines strayed from that?

  10. Regarding your test of line strength, I found it interesting to observe the disformed line that existed just after a break. It reminded be that fluoro line gets significantly damaged (weakened) every time it is stretched – the "taffy effect" as opposed to the "elastic effect" of mono.

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