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5 WAYS To FISH a FLUKE (Soft Jerkbaits Are The BEST)

Catching bass on flukes is super exciting. There is no lure like a soft plastic jerkbait that looks do realistic in the water. Today I want to show you 5 ways you can fish a fluke for more success!

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A fluke, aka a soft plastic jerkbait, is one of the best lures at catch big bass. There natural action looks extremely realistic to bass in the water which is why they are so popular for fishing.

There are many different ways you can fish a fluke and honestly I don’t think that there are any bass ways!

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  1. I use a fluke to flip and fish in grass and heavy cover but i prefer to use a belly weighted hook vs a standard texas rig. Its a deadly bait in so many different situations.

  2. On a spinning rig i like to stick out my finger, reel quick and sporadic, and let the line slap it. It creates a crazy erratic action. I especially like it for flukes and also killer for senkos. A quick reel with the finger slap makes the lures go crazy.

  3. Good video, bro. Double Fluke Rig for Smallies and Largies; Smallies can't stand it on our pelagic forage lakes. Carolina Rig for Largies is great in summer on deep rocks, especially off grass lines… Scrounger head in spring and fall; they absolutely smash it ~ Peace

  4. I have 2 rods Texas rigged flukes, one weighted one no weight. The no weight can be fished just like a frog. Can't count number bass that have hit this no weight fluke as it fell off a Lilly pad in the water. The weighted one I will put it on the outside grass edges let it sink to bottom, slow roll it first couple feet then hop it once, most hits are as it falls back down.

  5. Brother, I love how detailed you are when teaching "us" about the different baits, rods, & reels that you use. It's refreshing not to have any questions, about any particular bait, after your video is done. Thank you!!

  6. Sometimes I fish it by hooking thru the side of the nose and they the side of the body and jerking it and then kill it. It looks like a dying shad trying to get away.

  7. Drop shot a super fluke jr. on a 2/0 ewg hook. Also put it on a 1/8 or 3/16 oz shakey head beside cover or dock cables, dock posts, or skip it under docks. They skip really well on a shakey head. In addition to the ways you described, a super fluke on a C Rig is always money anywhere in the country. Match the color to the common prey, whether shad or bluegill. In pre spawn, use a red shad color and slay them, just like you'd think of a Rayburn Red for a rattle trap. Something about red in the pre spawn!!

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