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5 Lure YOU Need for 2023 Bass Fishing

Join me as I reveal my top 5 picks for the most effective bass fishing lures of 2022. These lures have proven themselves time and time again on the water, consistently producing big bass and exciting fishing trips.
In this video, I’ll go over the features and benefits of each lure, and show you how I use them to target bass in a variety of fishing situations. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or new to bass fishing, you won’t want to miss this insider look at the best lures for 2022.
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🛠️ GEAR ​🛠️
► Berkley Stunna 112 (Table Rock Shad or Stone Cold) –
► Rod -7’0″ M CB TFO Rod –
► Reel – Abu Revo ALF 8.0.1 –
► Line – 10lb Fluorocarbon

► Homemade Marabou Jig – 3/32 Midwest Finesse –
► Marabou Jig – 3/32oz –
► Rod – 7’6″ ML TFO Spinning Rod –
► Reel – Size 35 Pfleuger Supreme XT –
► Line: 8lb Braid to a 6lb Fluorocarbon

► Flat Worm (Mango Magic & Brown Back) –
► Weight – 1/4oz Weight –
► Hook – 1/0 Owner Mosquito –
► Rod – TFO Tactical Elite 7’1 ML –
► Reel – Abu Zenon (Size 30) –
► Line – 10lb Braid to 8lb Fluorocarbon

► Beast Coast OW Sniper MB –
► Nishine Finesse Jig –
► Keitech Finesse Football –

Trailers –
► Berkley Lil Trooper (Orange Watermelon, Green Pumpkin) –
► Berkley Lil General (Rusty Craw, Green Pumpkin) –
► Venture Lures Twin Tail –

Rods –
► Baitcaster: TFO 7’3″ MH –
► Spinning: TFO 7’3″ M –

Reels –
► Baitcaster: Abu 7.3:1 –
► Spinning: Revo Size 30 –

► Gamakatsu Football –

Swimbaits –
► 3.5″ Easy Shiner (Electric Shad, Ayu) –
► 3″ Spark Shad (Ayu, Real, Albino) –

► Rod – TFO 7’3″ M –

My FAVORITE Videos –

GARMIN Panoptix Videos –

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Bass fishing for smallmouth is tough. This is how to catch more bigger bass, largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. Fishing challenges are fun using Barbie poles and rods and reels, and Pokémon lures, but we target big fish and show you how to catch big bass. How to catch smallmouth bass is the focus and I fish during all conditions. Fishing summer fishing winter fishing fall fishing spring fishing ice ice fishing fishing cold cold water warm water I fish it all. The Googan Squad and Kickin Their Bass TV and Milliken Fishing and 6th Sense and BassFishingHq and Randy Blaukut and Fish the Moment all like to fish for bass, but I teach bass fishing too.


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  1. top baits this season for me were a black and blue swim jig, the tackle talk podcast buzz grub from jig masters, berkley choppo, and of course a drop shot with a black flatworm

  2. Ben, I fish out of Elk Rapids and have had great success fishing the Mango Magic Flat Worm on Drop Shot. Fishing drop offs and deep during summer. I tend to do traditional drop shot technique, however, have had success power fishing it so casting out, letting sink then steady retrieve back to boat. Have had Pike, SMB, and Cisco hit it.

  3. Hey buddy I was wondering because I live right on the Ohio River and right in front of my house is a bank covered in rip rap. And I know there are nice smallmouth in the river but is there certain places I should target like where creeks go into the river or in the main river along the rip rap?

  4. Every bait I bought this year from all the top U.S. bait Companies said "Made In China." So I got smart and decided to quit giving any of these Greedy American Corporate Traitors anymore of my money and went straight to the source. You can buy any lure you want, sold in the U.S. on Ali Express for penny's on the dollar. Go there for your lures. Quit paying these Greedy American middlemen. of what I have found to be an average of 900% profit on their Chinese lures!

  5. I throw x raps a lot in the pre spawn, and do very well with them. The Berkley stunna ,are they also good pre spawn baits? Is this a lure you use exclusively while jerk bait fishing?

  6. Awesome breakdown! I fished in the Huron/Algoma region of Ontario. My top 5 were: Berkley Stunna, Jackhammer, 3" tube with a 1/2 oz jig inside, Duo Realis Pencil, and a trust dropshot with a zman streakz.

  7. Best baits this last season we're a Dry Creek tube rigged stupid tube, and a wobble head jig with a Zone adrenaline craw or a menace grub.

  8. Hopefully i can catch them on a jerkbait this year Hopefully i cannget in my small lake first after the ice before they start feeling the pressure

  9. Happy New Year Ben and all three best for a great 2023! I caught my smallmouth on a Jackhammer chatterbait, a discontinued Berkley Jerkbait and a 3.5 inch soft plastic swimsuit on a red eye Jig head. Going to really work some Megabass Okashira and Okashira screw heads, finesse football jigs, and deep cranks from spring to summer as I took advantage of some Black Friday and Boxing Day sales again. Finally got some DT14 and Dt16s and some 6XDs. Haha. It will be awesome catching some bass deep cranking this year if I can find them in small schools. Great video for your recap of what crushed it for you last year.

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