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3 TECHNIQUES that are Deadly for DECEMBER Bass FISHING

I tell you about 3 techniques that are deadly for bass fishing in December. We go through the baits and lures, the rod and reel setups, as well as how to fish them.

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Damiki Rig jig

Shakey Shad finesse soft plastic jerk bait

Finesse ned rig jig

My ned rig setup rod

Daiwa BG spinning reel

The best winter swimbait

Swimbait setup jig head

My Costas


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  1. you have become one of my top channels on the tube for good info, i love the way you keep everything honest and real and always explain clearly exactly what you are doing to get bit, thanks for all you’ve done over the years brotha 🤙

  2. How cold was it I'm trying to figure out what the bass want where I'm from not easy have yet too get my first winter bass I figure with the rain I may have some luck 😁 nice fat bass by the way 😁👍

  3. It might be time to start exploring other video sharing platforms. I have almost completely quit getting on YouTube, the amount of commercial breaks and length of commercials is ridiculous.
    Love your content and Bog, wish I could take my pittie out fishing but she wants to go get my lure every time I cast lol

  4. So where in December are the leaves still on the tree's and green? What was the water temperature? Clearly your not fishing anywhere up north.

  5. Digging your channel and your content. You ever get in the mood to take an old vet out and teach some tricks I would love to join you. I also have to ask as a former Fl boy myself, UF or FSU?

  6. Good stuff man when they get under the boat down scale that damiki rig and drop it straight down on them but keep it just above them. You'll clean up a few more.

  7. The bunny huggers and the environmentalists hate fishing .According to them your hurting the fish and polluting the environment burning fossil fuel in your outboard. YouTube is on their side of the issue.

  8. Good video! You have a great channel,I've got to where i only watch about three channels! I like looking and finding fish,then trying to catch them,i get more satisfaction out of doing this!Great channel!

  9. When you catch fish deeper than 20' do you ever have to fizz them were you are. In NJ when i catch some deeper than 25' they alot of the time lay sideways and i have to

  10. Nice video man, tons of great information. I've always dug your channel because I can tell you're a straight up dude who loves to fish, and share your knowledge. What spinning rod are you using around the 11:00 mark?

  11. Love your channel Mike also the begining #, i actually learn alot from real content like yours so thanks brother. I also been with MB for 3 years now its great they support great channels.

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