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3 MUDDY WATER Bass Fishing Tips You Need To Know

Muddy water bass fishing can be difficult to figure out at times. However, if you select the right muddy water baits and put them in the right areas, murky water can be great bass fishing.

No matter if you are fishing cold muddy water or warm muddy water, there seems to be 3 bass fishing tips that you want to make sure that you are doing in order to catch bass in muddy water. Watch this video and you will see!

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  1. Heck yeah,I've found a real honey hole. It's a series of ponds in southwest Virginia Appalachia,it's public land but in complete wilderness….no pressure from other ppl at all, they're big ponds but total mud holes

  2. Ty you are the best. I watch a lot of different channels and have learned more from you than the rest. I also live in Ohio so I may be bias. The way you explain all these different concepts really helps the AVERAGE ANGLER. Biggest fan keep killing it…

  3. If fishing a shallow(17ft) lake with muddy water(lake Mitchell, So. Dakota)…am I better off fishing the source of out-flow…thinking the silt flowing in from farmland has a chance to settle first before leaving the lake?

  4. Yep! I’m heading out to Tennessee next week… gonna be mostly fishing highland reservoirs. I’m expecting some muddy water conditions if not full blown chocolate milk. If so, I’ll have a white blade, white skirt, white spinner bait with a white Keiteck Fat tied on, all white swimjig with a white Dwalker trailer, underspin, jig and black and blue flake Senko tied on… should do the trick🎣

  5. Awesome vis thisis just what im looking for. I was born and raised on Chocolate Muddy Lake Water and i have come to learn from my own personal exsperience that Lipless crankbaits and crankbaits and tube baits will work under the right condtions of the day. i have been thinking about taking a tackle binder and turning this tackle binder into a 50% spinner baits and 50% buzzbaits and then maybe just maybe pt some crankbaits in it so i can have a search bait box to help me search for the catfish and bass.

  6. Sounds logical… I will try ( back all the time I fish in shallow water I catch only small fishes and Eel fish . I use earthworm . I don't use lures because I don't have fishing rod, I fish with hook and reel only. Simply. Setup. ) any suggestion.. What type of lure or any else I use for big fishes.. ? Most of people there catch small fishes. In shallow water. Is it possible there is no big fish?

  7. Definitely gonna break my spinners out. Just moved into a house with a lake in the back that's recently been dredged out and I can't seem to find any with the TX rig culprit worms.

  8. sounds you are the youtube fisherman i’ve been looking for brother. Everything i have seen you talk about is exactly what info out through up here in Ohio and i assumed because of the wrap on your boat you are central Ohio. I’m up north in Findlay and man this water will not warm up ha rather be ice fishing then not getting a whole lot of bites

  9. Great tips. I wish I had watched this last year. Water was clean in practice and muddy on tournament day and I panicked! There were some monster bags caught, but not by me.

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