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$25 Walmart Bass Fishing Rod Berkley Cherrywood (Is It Worth The Money?)

Im pretty sure we have all seen this rod in Walmart! Have you tried it out yet? I think its definitely worth a try!

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  1. Man…. Love the work on the vids. You've earned a sub and a like my guy. Just bought one today….and a Abu Garcia Black Max too. Seems like a decent set up….for me….a weekend bank fisher.

  2. You should check out the Ozark Trail casting rods. OTX I believe is what they're called. 6' 8" medium power. Grey and black with nice dual color cork on the grip. I picked up one last year and it's been my main casting rod since then, paired with a Piscifun Perseus.

  3. I've used a Cherrywood ultralight spinning rod for a few years and it's been great, that thing has landed hundreds of fish for me. Love that rod. I'm going to grab a casting rod (medium) version of it soon to replace a heavy power rod I have no use for.

    They have gone up the last couple years. Used to be $20 everywhere, now they're $30 in my area. (Scratch that, they're $35 now.)

  4. The Ozark Trail $30, 6.6ft spinning combo is the best budget combo out there. The is light and sensitive (fast action) and the reel is way nicer than what you’re paying for. Check it out!

  5. My father bought me one 45 years ago, and it was my first pole. I still use it today. Firm enough to set a hook on lake fish species, flimsy enough to make it fun to real in.I bought one for my son when he was 6. We both have and use them to this day. It is reasonably priced and durable, and although mine is looking worn, i can't wait for a fish to break it because let's face it, we all love a good story and this pole has done it.

    Sude note: this is not a pole that transfers a lot of feeling from the hook to your hand. It is IMO and excellent beginners pole that allows forgiveness when setting the hook with just enough firmness to know it is set. It is not a wet noodle either

  6. I first looked at getting a Cherry Rod when I was about 10. It was around $9.99 and I wanted it for Xmas. Mr. Clause got me a 2pc Ugly Stik instead. Never broke the Ugly Stik and used it all throughout school and then 6yrs in the Army. My ex left it on our patio in San Antonio and it grew legs and got gone! Eventually I did too🤣 I am 52, it must be a good entry level rod

  7. Great video brother. We got a huge 🥶 cold snap headed into Kentucky this weekend. Im hoping we arent done for the season up here. if so I wil have to live vicariously through you Southern guys!

  8. I’ve personally always had this belief of a cherrywood, the sensitivity of the blank makes it levels above many other cheap options. Use it for crank baits and you will appreciate the long handle rod for bombing casts and steady retrieves + a solid leaning hookset. The parabolic bend to it is also beneficial in using straight floroucarbon and still being able to keep the fish pinned with some give to your rod tip. Hands down worth the money man .

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