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In this video, me and my dad are in Colombia, and we are throwing WHOPPER PLOPPERS for GIANT FISH! It took us 3 HOURS of casting to get just one strike, but when we finally got it, it was a MONSTER!

I was so excited that my dads first peacock bass was such a giant!

We booked this trip with my buddy Beto, From FishColombia. it was an incredible operation!



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  1. Hate when u catch a lunker fish and another guy starts putting his hands all up in my business. When someone catches a fish let them fkn handle there fish and fight. See lots of ppl do this and then they end up losing the catch of a life time

  2. My Dad is with me now in spirit but i will never forget our first fishing trip. He never fished with lures before. So it was really awesome to watch him catch some pretty big largemouth bass working that spinner. Maybe someday i will go peacock fishing for the both of us.

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  4. How come you didn't measure or weigh either fish on the video, 15 or 14 lbs seems a bit over, but they definitely looked double digit. But they weren't weighed so we'll all never really know for sure

  5. Hey Ty, 1st time commentor, and I've seen a good 30-45 videos. Absolutely love them. Especially ones with you and your dad. As a matter of fact, my father and I are going fishing tomorrow in a small lake that has some decent largemouth. You have a large variety of fish, including other country's game fish, and thats awesome as well! I had a question. I haven't seen any videos of hybrids or stripers. Is there a reason, or just a geographical problem?

  6. Great video. But its unfortunate to see fish getting hooked in the face with those unnecessary double treble hooked lures. Single hooks work just as well πŸ‘

  7. Great Artificial Bait!
    Developed there in the US for fishing for BASS and here in BR great for TraΓ­ras!
    BASS and TraΓ­ra are very similar in terms of bait preference as almost all baits that are good for BASS are "recycled" for traΓ­ra fishing.

  8. Love the interaction between you and your Dad. My Dad died in 2003 and it took many years to get used to the fact that I couldn't just pick up the phone and call him when something amazing happened. We had planned to fish together in the year that he passed, but sadly, we ran out of time. Treasure these times my friend and God bless you.

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