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12 lb Bass On A Jerkbait! | Big Bass Story With Bonus Footage!

Matt stuck a 12 lb bass on a Pointer 100 Jerkbait!! Check out the footage of this MONSTER Bass! While telling the story of the catch Matt gives insights into how to trigger giant bass into biting.

Gear Discussed In This Video…

Lucky Craft Pointer 100 Jerkbait:
Megabass Katsuage Outbarb (Size 4) Treble Hook:
Owner Hyperwire (Size 3) Split Rings:

Jerkbait Rod- 6’10” Medium Expride A Casting Rod:
Reel- Chronarch MGL:
Line- 15 lb Sufix 832 Braided Line:
Leader- 10 lb Maxima Ultragreen:

Alternate Line- 8 lb Sunline Assassin Fluorocarbon:

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Promar Net:

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  1. Had open water all week, ready to go rock a jerkbait and then calm cold night froze up everything overnight= depressing. This is just what I needed to cheer me up:)

  2. Ain’t that the truth… you always lose them within a few feet. In the last month alone, I lost a possible NJ record chain pickerel 3 ft from my canoe. About a week ago the lake I’m on was lowered after the remnants of Ian had brought the water up a solid foot. Anyway I had the biggest bass I’ve personally hooked on my lake with a jerkbait, and when I got the fish about 10ft from my dock, it pulled up. It’s my fault I didn’t get lower on the dock as it got close, cause with me being so high above the water, it had me at a weird angle, and off she went. I haven’t stopped thinking about those two fish since I lost them

  3. Got my pb smallie the same way. 6.3lb on lake Cumberland. End of the day been fishing for hours catching 2 to 4’s, headed back to the ramp and stopped at one more spot just to try. Cast my spinner bait out and it was back to back then she knocked slack on my line. Got it to the boat took pics etc. me and a buddy ended up with 24 lbs best 5 fish. One of the best days ever. Always trust your intuition!!

  4. Your bass seems to be smart. They remember different kinds of baits.
    From where I'm from, I caught the same fish four times in two months with the same bait, gut hooking it three times. I literally don't know how it survived all that!
    How I could tell that it was the same fish is because it had many black splotches on it. I literally call it "that cow fish" and always took pictures of it after I caught it.
    My fish are just plain stupid. I don't know if that's lucky or not.

  5. Just got back into fishing 2 months ago after 10 years. I’ve only been fishing a handful of times in my life up until 2 months ago and in that time I’ve learned SO much from you guys. Re discovering my love for fishing had completely changed my life and you guys just keep making it better and better for me. Thank you 🙏

  6. I've seen close up bass triggered by jerkbaits, then fighting it by turning their heads left and right. It's crazy to see them learning to control that mechanism. Also, other bass help trigger bass who won't eat your bait. There is something going on with, "Well, if he get's it I wont", then they try to eat before the competition eat's it.

  7. You think you still catch that fish without the A- Rig present? I’ve heard story’s of guys catching giants next to people throwing the rig. Curious if you think there’s anything to that or not.

  8. Should I be using the slow pull method right now I'm fishing from the bank at Aurora RV park in nice I've caught two good bass a couple weeks ago before the cold stone cam but it's been dead since, thanks

  9. Yeah I lost a big one on a jerk bait by rushing it to the boat never got a great look at it but it was over 5. A true giant spot for my home lake.

  10. Oh and once I lost a giant bullhead catfish had to of been never seen it but it snapped my line and we seen another dead monster cat with a dead bass in its mouth that I would of been happy to catch what it died trying to eat but anyways it’s snapped my line but I remember it was still in the boat I had a ton of slack line left in the boat if I would of thought faster I would of tied it to the boat I was still in shock from the loss I watched the line go over the boats edge and bye bye I’ve never caught anything I can truly say is a monster besides a huge carp also in Iowa at a damn that had 20 plus pounder cats Carp etc all hanging out here the damn drop water in and they where on top of each other there where so many times he never seen so many monster fish in one spot I fouled the Carp by snag idk if they where spawning or what they where doing weirdest thing

  11. Yup your right about that I’ve lost both my biggest fish I actually got to see one within net reach on a dock same fish took my dads pole the day before honest to God I seen my dads baitcaster reel and rod coming to the surface before I seen the fish it still had the pole and other hook on it and then I lost i did the pull up while my dad started running for the net he had left in the room and guy literally was walking by asking if I had caught anything big yet said nope not yet and like that my rod went bam It’s was a monster sheep head lake okaboji Iowa actually now that I reallize I lost both my biggest at the same lake you should see the bait shop wall at this lake it’s a must i lost that one by snapped line actually when u tried picking it up my dad hadn’t brought the net that morning and I was eager to get my line in after hearing his pole was ripped off the dock the day before by a monster my second loss was a musky same lake but trolling out in the middle had a great day regardless but lost what would of been my best fish still to this day a monster musky like the ones you see in the shops I wanted one so bad it’s was hard swallowing those loses at 13 let alone today if I had I tried pulling the rod up again with the musky while it was top water and mouth open God bless my dad for letting me take the fish on myself because idk if I’d let my son I’d say give it to me I’ll get and then lose probably lol

  12. No disrespect, man every time I see him in a video he talks so much more than any other angler that share videos of how to. He knows his stuff but dang, talk less and demonstrate more

  13. hey Matt, thanks for the advice on how to clear the memory on fluorocarbon. It definitely works! I also tried the one handed spinning method you often do. lol it must take quite some time to get used to and a big hand. lol Also I love the stories and I've also landed and lost giants on jerkbaits in the past. A forgotten bait I need to tie back on. Thanks for reminding me. lol

  14. I agree with the theory of a giant in a school that would make a mistake by the feeding frenzy. Pulled in over 20 dinks off a point on the Cal Delta using a pointer jerkbait, but I lost the fish of a lifetime when the monster was on the side of the boat and THEN MADE A RUN FOR THE BOTTOM AND BENT 2 barbs straight – thought I could get him in the net. Good advice on reeling in a monster.

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