You’ll Start Using Straight Braided Line On Crankbaits After Watching This Video..

Randy talks about using braided line on crankbaits…#bassmaster #fishingdaily #angler #fish #fishinglife #catchandrelease #fishing #bass #bassfishing #fishingtrip

Baitwrx line link..

Lake map breakdowns…


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  1. I appreciate your comments about the use of braid and the flexibleness of your rod tip, … would you comment of the use of drag also with the different lines. All my reels are set to the same poundage for the different lines I use, whether 8, 10 or 15 pound, braid or mono. It seems that all the heavy line users of 50, 60 and higher pound test have their drags set as high as they can go.

  2. I’ve been doing this for decades, three things that should be said though. One use your drag! You want just enough to set the hooks, they hook themselves so well you can let them run all over the place. Even though this goes against everything you say about drag.😂 Two up size your split rings, even 20 braid will open them up. Three up grade your hooks, they will bend open especially if they are brass. My home lake is Okeechobee and with all the grass it makes it easier to get unhung and fish more efficiently.

  3. I've been doing that for ages. In the past i used that in combination with a wire trace (7-strand) with a snap on one side and a swivel on the other. Coated or non-coated is a preference. Nowadays is use titanium wire which i tie together and end with a snap and sleeve crimped on. 😊 You dont want to feel a pike hit your lure 😮 and see it chase off into the water 😂 in Pike country.
    Round and round 😅😅 even rounder and then rounder on top of that roundness😂😂. ~ Yes i started using a 0,08 mm/13 carrier line which is significantly thinner and rounder.
    When i was young the MAIN purpose using braid was that you can pull entire bushes out of the ground 😂😂 We had to as bank fishermen 😢😢 seeing your lure land on a branch on the other side of a stream or canal 😵😵 can't have that. It cuts weeds, pads, herrons, ducks, a ghose gives a lot of blood be prepared for that 😁😁 shopping carts, bikes, bikes, bikes,.. another bike, bike bike, yesterday i even saw a left over part from a Triumph motorbike floating in the canal, road signs, baby-buggies, plastic seats EVERYTHING is in the water.🙄😋 Europe has more dense populated countries , which is good bc better regulated 😊😊. BUT i try to branch out to fc or co-polymar line but then i have to start using (the old) 7 strand again with a swivel & snap which is to much Weight on the front of your lure 😞😔. So still its braid on almost all my reels and verrrrry common practice along the watersedge ✌️😎👍

  4. Hey Randy great video!! Quick question,what size and brand hooks do u use to replace on the s crank 1.2. hooked up on a big cat fish that blew out both hooks.

  5. I live in south Louisiana, most of my fishing is on tidal bodies of water, any advice? For larger fish, we catch on average 60 fish a trip here on the Mississippi Delta. I really like your vids.
    Just to let you know live scope has no advantage here

  6. I’m nude straight braid when I crank, because I can feel everything, so I don’t get snagged to much. I just use a rod with good flex to help with the kushen, I mostly crank on my light bfs rod, with 8lb braid.

  7. I used braid in Florida because the water was dark. I couldn't get an answer for line in clear water so I went to straight fluorocarbon. I love the sensitivity of braid but you can't make it invisible. I always go with the most cautious option.

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