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You WON’T BELIEVE How Many Bass I Caught With One Swimbait!

You won’t believe how many bass I caught with one swimbait! The finesse swimbait is one of my favorite ways to catch bass and it works exceptionally well for smallmouth bass! Today we show you how effective my new favorite finesse swimbait jighead can be and how many bass it can catch with a single swimbait saving you money fishing!

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Equipment used in this video:
Rod: https://www.cashionrods.com/shop/freshwater-fishing-rods/core-series/core-spinning/

Reel: https://alnk.to/2jK9lev

Line: https://alnk.to/9mmszS4

Leader: https://alnk.to/4qJf72b

Jighead(Use code NQF10 to save 10 percent): https://pulsefishlures.com/collections/swim-bait-heads/products/finesse-swimsuit-heads?variant=42596507058327

Bait(Use code QUINCE to save 10 percent): https://6thsensefishing.com/collections/divine-swimbaits

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