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WON Bass California Open: Clear Lake(Part One) Best Bass Fishing Lake in the UNITED STATES! Big Bass

I’ve always been the guy who loves to compete in tournaments, especially in places I’ve never been before. So, when my schedule opened up (postponed events and cancelled events) I knew I had to take the opportunity to go out to the California Open. Everything I had heard about Clear Lake came true! This place is without a doubt the best largemouth bass fishery I have ever been to. It’s not even close. If you haven’t already, please SUBSCRIBE!

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  1. Good video, appreciate it!,,
    You had fun, and like the feed out of braid to accommodate the light bites! GOOD JOB BRO. Not sure I can be that calm when breaking off 5’s though, LOL

  2. There was a guy on Lake Isabella who used to hand pour my favorite 4" paddletail worms (HP122). I've lost track of him. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  3. Didn’t even know Andrew had a channel till it was suggested from Scott Martin. It’s cool to see Clear Lake, hopefully more footage from some of my local lakes down south one of these days. Good stuff though!

  4. Well shit after watching this i wish my virginia lakes had grass like that they sprayed ours and put in asain carp, and it ruins the fishing for sure there floating across the heaviest grass ive ever seen and pretty sure the state record is out of clear lake

  5. I love Clearlake. I’m fortunate enough to be able to fish at such a good fishery. A 3-4 pounder is like the average size fish there.

  6. My Brother and I were on the Lake Friday during this tournament… fishing for fun obviously….it was cool to be on the water and see 100+ boats head south through the narrows to get after it! Even with the traffic we had a solid day both getting 10+ in the boat with a 6lb and 4 in the 3-3.5lb range….Clear Lake is Fantastic!

  7. Spoiled to spoiled to have this be my summer Lake growing up. This place is not only a " Bass Factory " as its called. But home to some of the biggest Crappie & catfish as well. Will be back up there in 3 was for a 3 day trip and can't wait. Still looking for my 8lb or above Bass. 🙏🏼

    BTW – on a good day. You don't need to venture to anywhere but Rattlesnake Island. They love to stack up around that place 👊🏻

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