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Winter Creek Bass Fishing…How?

Can you catch creek bass in the winter? Of course you can, but how hard is it. Small creeks in winter through Tennessee can be really hard and then have days where you find them active. Different types of streams are different also.


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  1. I quite enjoyed the video! I’ve been doing more creek fishing since I found your channel, actually! though I can’t really get in the water because of the alligators 🐊 👀! They’re all over and it just wouldn’t be smart, I don’t think 🤔?

  2. Talking bout potentially catching a bass, as a fish skip walks across the water behind him. I was like….no way! 0:26 left side of screen. Over his right shoulder

  3. Thanks, John!!!
    GREAT information to have!!!
    Your knowledge is greatly appreciated!!! You never know what climate or weather conditions you'll be experiencing while fishing for fun or survival.
    God Bless you and yours.

  4. John, I'm curious, do you use straight braid or tie on a leader? I'm starting to experiment with braid, and was told most time you tie on leader, but certain situations you don't have to. That looks like hi viz braid. I have that same braid. Thanks for another great video.

  5. these craws are fished with the hook threw the tail but not all the way through the head. hook barb is enough to hold head up like the crawfish is getting ready to fight. not like they are walking along the bottom as you have them hooked. i have a stock pile of thousands of these all in differnt colors made by a different company… nobody has what i have. And when i go fishing for bass for other predators i am the only one catching fish.. funny when they other fishermen say yea i saw them at walmart or some bait and tackle store.. they are not impressive!! so i say fine you go buy one and i will buy it from you for a thousand dollars. and they say they will be right back,… they never come back. My craws are awesome for fresh and salt water. Even the hook is unique no other hook is made like what i have. but anyway thanks for the video

  6. Still can't believe how active the creeks have been this year, blows my mind. Usually they turn off around muzzle loader season and don't turn back on until late March or whenever we get a few warm weeks in a row.

  7. You turn the reel like a pro! I wish the fish had a way too feed them so you can give them a reward like how when people catch lobster they put a minnow in its claw and release it so that they have a little snack to leave them off better than they were especially after going through all that. I almost think sport fisherman should carry along a little syringe full of food pellets or something so that they can stick it down in the fishes belly and pump some food in there. Do you realize how awesome fishing would be if everyone did that? Fish are often times extremely stressed after being caught especially in the down season when they are technically starving and are trying to conserve just enough energy to make it to the next feeding season.

  8. Good video! Winter creek fishing can be tough! When it comes to spinner baits I believe you would be hard pressed to beat a black or brown rooster tail or dark colored meppsin the winter creeks. The yum products seem to be doing you great. I have not used them a lot but your positive experiences with them is pushing me to try them more. Winter can be a really good time to fly fish especially with weighed head wolly buggers and bead head nymphs the hellgrammite lure could really do good here. You hit the nail on the head with you have to fish the bottom, I believe that is the success to most creek fishing but especially in winter. Keep up the great work and as always when you get ready to do some videos in the helen ga area shoot me a message I will put you in a cabin on the creek.

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