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Winter BIG BASS Fishing 2019! Deep Water Rig / Setup

Folk’s today, we will be Bass Fishing with Golden Shiners! Our target species is Largemouth and Spotted Bass. I share my Deep Water Live Bait Rig / Setup, as well as catch some nice bass! I hope you enjoy the video! God bless.

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Fishing With A Hair Jig and Worm Combination

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  1. You are the champion.
    I watch a lot of different channels but nothings likes yours. I start catching crappies after watching your video.
    Thank you God bless you

  2. Anybody who can thumbs down this channel or have a negative comment needs to get back to there knitting channel… Richard you are the machine my son and I have used several of your techniques and have had so much fun and been successful we thank you so much keep them coming..

  3. Richard I've been watching for a long time. You have no clue how much I've learned by watching your videos. Always such a positive person. I'm not surprised that you have all those subscribers. I have been doing some cooking videos on my channel but I only have 63 subscribers. How do you get so many?

  4. I have tried listening to the Pros talk fishing and it's just not the same. When you go fishing it's like we are in the boat with you. We finish the video and write down what we learned. We listen as you always thank your subscribers, viewers and commenters then we most look forward to your signature close. It's simply a southern style buffet of good fellowship, good fun, good fishing and great information. Thanks Richard for these wonderful videos.

  5. Amazing work! I wasn't sure at first, but everything really, really came together at the end of this! You really put a lot of effort into this incredible piece of art! Thank you, can't wait for more!

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