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Winter Bass Fishing Texas Ponds! (Bass Fishing December)

In this video I set out to catch some bass in the cold winter weather. I brought a lawn chair and parked it by the pond. I knew I that I would need to be patient so figured I might as well be comfortable while I am fishing. I committed to throwing a jerk bait since it worked so well this time last year. Hit the like button if you are enjoying the videos! Be sure to subscribe to the channel so that you won’t miss out on any future Texas bass fishing videos!


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  1. Great vid. Sometimes its not always catching. Thats fishing. Man mayb collab with others in some new vids. That always makes for a great vid. Two points of perspective. Tight lines brotha

  2. It is tuff out there at the moment, even here in Tampa it’s going to be 28 tomorrow morning, oh that’s colder than a witches tit. I wanted to ask, are you still enjoying the Tatula 150 , I’m hearing great things about this reel and I know you have one. Any thoughts? Merry Christmas.

  3. Always tough especially when you're used to Texas bass fishing being an almost all year sport. Been following you since your Landa Park videos and its awesome to see the channel grow this year, keep up the great work man and Merry Christmas to you and Caroline!

  4. You are getting lazy in your old age. Some things to try in the winter is to downsize on the jerkbait. Try a little floating Rapala or yozuri. I have done well on dropshots or ned rigs in the winter. Small and slow. Creeks for crappie and white bass might be something fun to try. Hitting the dams can work well for both also. Merry Christmas to you and your brides. Looking forward to more videos next year. BTW, listening to Bob Dylan while fishing usually works best for me.

  5. I love fishing all year long but in the winter I will downsize to ultra light gear and target panfish. It doesn’t matter to me if u go out and catch fish or not I will still watch your vids. It’s real we all know bass fishing is slower in winter and we all get skunked a lot. I go out for the peace of mind and the outdoors. Not to mention in winter I can fish so much more of the ponds due to vegetation being dead and I don’t have to worry about snakes and gators. I also catch more winter fishing from the kayak than I do from the bank

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