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Willamette River Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Welcome to some good old fashioned smallmouth bass fishing on the Willamette River!

Now that the weather has turned, and winter has given way to spring, it’s time to rip some lips and chase some copper. Christian and I head to Buena Vista, to a spot I have not fished in years, to catch a species I have actually not caught in as many years. I will break down some conditions along the way, as well as show what tackle I’m using to land some Oregon smallies.

Tips up, tight lines and have fun fishing!


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Gear I Use —

Panfish Rigs
Daiwa Trion 7′ Medium/Moderate
– Abu Garcia Sliver Max 30 Spinning Reel
– P-Line CX Premium 8lb
Abu Garcia Silver Max 7′ Light/Moderate
– Abu Garcia Silver Max 10 Spinning Reel
– P-Line Fluoroclear 4lb
Shakespeare Micro Series 4’6″ Ultra Light/Slow
– Okuma Alaris 20 Spinning Reel
– P-Line Fluoroclear 2lb

Bass Rigs
STIX Fishing Finesse Stik 7’6″ Medium Light/Moderate Fast
– Pflueger 7 30 Spinning Reel
– P-Line Tactical Fluorocarbon 6lb
STIX Fishing Hybrid Spin Stik 7’2″ Medium/Moderate Fast
– Pflueger Trion 30 Spinning Reel
– P-Line XTCB8 Braided Line 10lb
STIX Fishing Hybrid Stik 7′ Medium/Moderate Fast
– Kastking Royal Legend Casting Reel
– P-Line XTCB8 Braided Line 30lb
STIX Fishing Reaction Stik 7’6″ Medium Heavy/Moderate Fast
– Abu Garcia Pro Max Casting Reel
– P-Line Fluoroclear 12lb
STIX Fishing Surface Stik 7’4″ Medium Heavy/Fast
– Abu Garcia Pro Max Casting Reel
– P-Line XTCB8 Braided Line 50lb
STIX Fishing Power Stik 7’6″ Heavy/Moderate Fast
– Lew’s Lazer MG Speed Spool Casting Reel
– P-Line XTCB8 Braided Line 50lb/P-Line Fluoroclear 20lb

Surf Fishing Rig
Okuma Rockaway Surf Rod 11′ Medium/Moderate Fast
– Pfleuger Trion 40 Spinning Reel
– P-Line XTCB8 Braided Line 30lb/Trilene Extra Tough 20lb

Salmon/Steelhead Rigs
Fenwick Eagle 7′ Medium Heavy/Moderate
– Abu Garcia Silver Max Casting Reel
– P-Line XTCB8 Braided Line 30lb/P-Line Fluoroclear 12lb
Fenwick Eagle 9′ Medium Heavy/Moderate
– Kastking Royal Legend Casting Reel
– P-Line XTCB8 Braided Line 30lb
Fenwick Eagle 10’6″ Medium Heavy/Moderate
– Pfleuger Trion 40 Spinning Reel
– P-Line Hydrofloat 20lb/P-Line CX Premium 15lb

Plunking Rig
Shakespeare Ugly Stick Big River 11′ Heavy/Moderate
– Okuma Avenger 65b Spinning Reel
– Tough Line Braided Line 50lb

Backup Rigs
Okuma Celilo 8’6″ heavy/moderate
– Okuma Avenger 45b Spinning Reel
– P-Line XCTB8 Braided Line 30lb
Abu Garcia Vengeance 7′ Medium Heavy/Fast
– Abu Garcia Silver Max 40 Spinning Reel
– P-Line XTCB8 Braided Line 20lb
Dobyn’s Fury Flippin’ Stick 7’6 Medium Heavy/Fast
– Lew’s Lazer MG Speed Spool Casting Reel
– P-Line XTCB8 Braided Line 50lb
Abu Garcia Silver Max 7′ Medium Heavy/Fast
– Abu Garcia Silver Max Casting Reel
– P-Line XTCB8 Braided Line 50lb/P-Line Fluoroclear 15lb


Content Creation Gear

GoPro Hero 2018
Akaso 7000 Action Camera
Windows Movie Maker


We are a team of avid bass fishermen for over 20 years. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook for contests and giveaways

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  1. Wow, what an awesome video! As a fellow angler and smallmouth bass enthusiast, I can't help but share my personal experience with these feisty fighters on my own channel. Despite the scorching hot summer days we've been having, I recently ventured out and filmed a video on how I managed to catch smallmouth bass during these challenging conditions. It's incredible how these fish never fail to impress with their fighting spirit. At just 16 years old, I'm thrilled to say that I've developed a deep love for smallmouth bass, and I plan on fishing for them for many years to come. Keep up the great work, and tight lines! 🎣💪

  2. Hi Scott
    It surely is difficult moving forward when grief bites u. I can relate about the lack of desire. Im in a process too and I keep slipping back into depression from the grief of life. Im asking God to help me work through it and rise. I find he does and then i slide back down again and then i feel guilty like im failing or something for not performing how God or others want me to. That can be the hardest part. The guilt of sorrow. You can feel like youre the only one whos handling it like this. So I hide from People seeing me when im like this. Recently I did a live on my fb page at a time when i was at my worst. I decided stuff it! Why am i hiding or feeling guilty for a time I need God most?I realised he wasnt angry or rejecting me for depression at all. Its just I tend to not involve him in those deepest places through my own guilt. Its actually supposed to be who he is right ? There for in the hardest and crappiest of times?
    Its also hard cos of peoples expections or their worry and noone shows their true emotions when its that deep and crazy so we think we cant.
    I think depression is often when guilt and isolation makes us feel we couldnt possibly be accepted in that deep emotional and severest place. When we disqualify ourselves from feeling people around us or God himself couldnt possibly allow us the grief process. So we hide away.
    Example: when i have zero motovation to do the things i once did. When i wanna lay around and do nothing like get dressed or eat healthy, care for self. When im angry and pissed. When i feel like hating the world and everyone in it. When i feel like i cant unlock my emotions. Its at these times i feel God couldnt possibly accept this. As though im doing this deliberatley or im sinning by not coping. So i hide. Btw its not sin or bad.
    About staying in the house, I get it. You dont want to let go of sofia and what u knew.

    I cleaned up my husbands house when he died in it after he went off track spiritually. The smell of evil and death was on everything. I stayed there for 6 months clearing the place as he also became a hoarder. Different scenario i know but I could literally feel the evil he had attracted in that place. Yet I did it cos u just do when u love someone.
    For you its good memories and no doubt bad as well.
    I pray as u work through this youll know youll take Sofia with you everywhere u go. That it doesnt have to be in a location. Ive had many times ive not been able to let go of a location for the same reason. But someone once said " michelle YOU are your memories , not a place"
    After the 6 months in that house my life was never the same. Its been 3 years and im beginning to heal.
    Take your time. God is with you. Follow him in everything u do and be willing to do what he shows u.
    Hes got u Scott. Blessings from Australia.

  3. It's been slow but they're definitely starting to chomp. Had a decent day last Sunday with a Texas rigged fat swing impact bouncing on bottom. It's all they wanted that day.

  4. My old man and I had a heron we named Aaron that we'd feed green sunfish to over at Grand Prairie Park when I was growing up. Maybe it's your Jeff lol

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