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Why You Need This Technique!!

Fishing The Power Shot – the most overlooked technique in bass fishing

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  1. Hey G man I'm going to get me some metas and I'm going to bust em in the face. Thank you so much for putting the right handle on your spinning rods. Year's ago I had the omen 3 rod's loved the rod's but I'm not a cork guy anymore. I know I'm going to like your signature series rods. God bless you and your family and your dogs.

  2. Hope y'all have a safe and INCREDIBLY successful 2023 season! Hope the other guys are safe, too. Your tips on fishing and PMA are invaluable. Thank You, Brother! Prayers Love and Blessings

  3. Thanks G Man been a fan a long time and really appreciate what you have always done your a great speaker and teacher to get something through to my dumb ass that's good brother sorry its taken me so long to comment thanks for what you do man

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