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Why pros CATCH FISH better than locals.

This isn’t always true but you I’m sure you are wondering sometimes how guys can show up to your local lake that they’ve never seen and do better than you. Some will think they got info, or they researched the lake before they got there. However, there can be a much simpler answer for this. I’ll explain.


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  1. You are very right Tod. I got into a bad habit of just fishing one end of Sam Rayburn 15-20 yrs ago when I had a 2 hr drive to the lake both ways and I had a 1993 Johnson 150 that guzzled the gas. Cost was a limiting factor kind of like the Livescope cost being a factor for a lot of guys. Like you said, there’s times when everyone in a cove is catching bass and other times the same cove seems like the Dead Sea.

  2. Dude I have never thought about it like this. You just opened my eyes to something Ive been curious about for years. Ive always wondered why the hell do I do better on bodies of water Im not familiar with than I do on my home lake. It got to a point where it was frustrating for me. Going out to my home lake and getting skunked all to often, for a while I just stopped fishing it. Now I understand and I am guilty of exactly what you said. My familiarity with the lake is whats making my fishing suck there a lot of the times. I have a routine when I hit my home lake because Im so freaking familiar with it. I have never thought to just go out and fish the lake as if Id never been there before. Thanks for this.

  3. Thank you Todd for another great topic discussion. I fish the south end of Toledo mainly and I run my same spots with marginal to low success. I definitely fall into this rut. Always doing the same things and wondering why I’m not catching more fish.

  4. You know why they do better? Because I've seen it so many times I'll be in my kayak moving around a lake fishing and you'll literally just see a ring of boats going around the shore line doing exactly what everyone else does. Never see em swing on anything.

  5. The stuff you cover in your video's is absolutely gold! I have this problem when I head out on my kayak I always seem to find myself on this long stretch of bank with massive laydowns I caught nice ones previous and catching myself trying to make it work and struggle when it's not working…. once again you have great content Todd and stay safe out there and good luck!!

  6. You are 100% correct. I worked in a sporting good store as a teen/college student and worked 25 years as a game warden in the same area. The same local people were fishing the same spots all the time. Someone from out of town would come and win a tournament or catch a big fish and they’d holler Cheater. The lake has completely changed since the 80’s and some of the locals still fish it like it was back then and then Complain that the lake has no fish in it. Great video.

  7. Hey Todd. If you find spawners but weather conditions change to make sight fishing difficult do you pull out from those areas to target any Pre-spawners or do you try to make sight fishing "blind" work? Thanks!

  8. Up in Green Bay when they were destroying that fishery with pressure from top place to fish news and derbies, pros mostly fished the public spots. I can only think of one guy that stumbled into one of my spots, and it only worked for him because of the way the wind was for one day. He spent the 2nd day there and got skunked. Funny part was that bass tv, explained why the fish were there in the most dead wrong graphic. There’s not much for secret spots on the bay it’s mostly weather related. Think pros more often stumble into spots, mostly the way they search fish.

  9. This isn't a mystery. Resources. I've been in a group of guides hired by pros for my local lakes, great electronics, and no preconceived notions about the lake.

  10. Great video! I had heard that the NW creeks warm up faster, but never thought to ask why. What you said makes sense. We have a tournament on Watts Bar next week. It’s not our home lake, but we have fished it probably a half dozen times or more for tournaments. We have always caught fish, but can never be in the money. My buddy Bill is heading over on Wednesday and will have 2 days to pre fish before our tournament on Friday. I told him to cover as much water as possible and fish some new stuff. Maybe even focus on those NW Creeks that don’t have much run off. Thanks again for such a good video!

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