Why Bass Fishing And Sports Suck Today Compared To The Past…

Randy talks about the decline in baseball and bass fishing…#fishingdaily #bassmaster #bassfishing #angler #fishing #fishingtrip #bass #fish #fishinglife #catchandrelease #baseball

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  1. 66 yrs old & feel the same way about this, deer hunting same with trail cams, got deer named. Any one remember Vergil Ward & Harold Ensley? Back when pioneering was fun.

  2. I’m 70 and if I’ve learned one thing, it’s that change is inevitable and there’s no going back in terms of cultural trends or public policy. I burned out on tournaments many years ago. These days, I find my joy in things like taking grandkids fishing in small ponds. I still have a boat and fish lakes (on weekdays!) but I find myself enjoying it less and less.

  3. The US govt is all about money and making the rich,richer. They don't care that they destroy a people or a nation. Just keep paying taxes so they can use them as they want. It's not what America was supposed to be, buy they lied and taught people that it is.

  4. It’s only good as you make it, or perceive it to be. That goes for anything from music, to sports, bass fishing, a marriage, a friendship, anything.

    Bass fishing still rules.

    If any younger guys are watching this, make fishing fun and you’ll love it.


  5. It's "bottle of Coke", brah. Like, "What kind of Coke do you want"? Like a Dr. Pepper coke, or a Sprite Coke, Pepsi Coke, etc, etc. Pretty much the only exception was an "RC Cola". "Pop" is a Yankee term. We don't say "Pop"down here, dawg.

  6. Exactly right Randy, in the 60's my Dad was in the army and sometimes when he came home he would take us and his little 3 hp Wizard motor to lake Murray near where Dreher island is now rent a wooden boat for 3 dollars and we would troll and this was the best feeling in the world.

  7. As a 59 year bass fisherman i can still remember exactly what you are talking about.
    I can remember thinking i was big time when i traded my Creme worms, for Culprit worms!

  8. I agree to a point

    50-60 years ago in bass fishing/tournaments bass fishing may have been more fish but….women we’re not allowed in Bass Tournaments it’s why
    Penny Berryman is a pioneer.

    People of color are a small part of bass fighting in the 60-70’s
    Look how long it took to have a non white, not American born Bassmaster classic.

    You’re against loss of innocence well then this is the definition of loss of innocence.

    Baseball you say? How about when the mound was mowed so a Blackman wouldn’t dominate pitching, Bob Gibson was that man.

    Or the time when I was a kid and was told I couldn’t fish cause it’s a white mans sport. This is liberal Southern California and that attitude was constant.

    I’m happier now than I was a kid. I have helped run tournaments, I know what to do to run a small tournament a door that was closed to me in the 70’s

    I can say for a fact that the 70’s 80’s were not a good time for me, it’s why I didn’t start fishing at 17, why I was a saltwater guy over Racist fresh water.

    You say things are worse and to a point you are right but I don’t want to go backwards cause the reality and FACT was that how this sport was, I’m surprised I still fish, I outlasted my enemies.

    You’re describing as the better times my worse times. You want that, either you want to defend innocence but going back kills dreams, it would kill my dream and it destroyed my innocence (You fish pretty good for a Moe-How, that wetback in Spanish. And I was told that at ten)

    Technology not withstanding, you’re telling me that it was better when we were called Niggers, Beaners, wetbacks, spics, kikes and being constantly asked for my fishing license (I was under 18) or me catching a fish and told to put that fish back cause it’s a white mans fish. Yeah the good old times. I sure do miss them.

    Things are better for people of color today, we can fish and not be harassed. Or asked if we have a license while all the isle faces go nothings (again this is liberal California) imagine if I lived where you grew up, if I grew up in the south(we can be all day talking about the south and people of color.

    Loss of innocence is all a point of view. Cause what you want to go back to is horrifying cause you can’t pick and chooses.

    Jim brown just passed away, the single greatest player to ever live and you know exactly how he was treated. His own team wouldn’t block for him

    When you say stupid crap like this is what pisses me off cause your bias to how your life was but you never think of the positive for men and women and boys and girls of color.

    Electronic are horrible today. They kill the thrill but I’m not rich so it doesn’t effect me

    I no longer fish tournaments

    My good old times was in lake Castaic when 10 pounder were the norm. But that was killed by our liberal Government who hate’s Sportsmen
    (They didn’t fix a gate so stripped bass got in and killed that trophy lake) electronics didn’t ruin that lake as a matter of fact, out here we master our sonar. I can use a flasher unit and I’m not that old.

    The good old days were bad

  9. Randy, as someone who remembers when they got their first Super 60 I have seen so many changes in everything from Fishing, to all sports. Changes from true stock car racing to the car of tomorrow, things are truly different. The world and kids are different today. When I was a kid in the 60s we hunted, fished, played outside till dark. Todays kids play video games, social media, and watch tv. I would love to see my grandchildren do things that kids my age did but it ain’t going to happen. As for sports, as the people who did music in the 60s and 70s, most did it for the love of music. Today they do it for the love of money. This is America today, and nothing will change it back to when we were young.

  10. It's the negative side of capitalism and "the American dream." Exactly the reason we need legislation to control certain aspects of our lives and environment

  11. All sports are a joke for kids, the dudes pop steroids and say they natural and kids think I'll never look like that. Look at Hogan kids eat your vegetables and take your vitamins, he forgot hey pin your self with the juice

  12. So many options in fishing…boats, engines, Rolling motors, colors, lines types, rod types, materials, lure types, electronics, terminal tackle, etc, etc, – and all these bass channels promote stacks of rod and reel combos on boat decks that it becomes almost anxiety inducing and creates a paralysis of analysis mindset

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