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Whopper Plopper River Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Fox River – topwater bass fishing – smallmouth bass fishing – bank fishing – river fishing – dam fishing

Throwing the yellow head whopper plopper 90 in current on the river.
7’2″ Medium Fast St.Croix Mojo Bass – Abu Garcia Revo X – 20lb Power Pro braid

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  1. What a fun day with topwater Smallies. I need to fish the Fox more often, i only been there a couple times. Heard good things about that river.
    Keep up the great content bud

  2. Nice topwater blowups. Shallow river….that’s the way to go👍 you got a lot of bass in just that one area!! Nice looking dam there. Funny how fish are sometimes. Sometimes it’s not conventional, you found what was working and ran with it. Great outing Jared 💪🏻

  3. That's a pretty soothing place to fish man. Just seemed relaxing with the current doing its part and picking off those smallies left and right. Good stuff man👍

  4. Nice video outing Jared. Crazy low water but still had nice current to nail a bunch of Bass. That spot under the bridge looked like fun to explore. That one SM Bass near the end had awesome looking dark coloration. Thanks for sharing 💥🎣🏆

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