When You Start Losing All Your Fishing Buddies…

Andy has a conversation about losing your best fishing friend…#bassfishing #fishingdaily #bassmaster #bass #fishing #catchandrelease #angler #fishingtrip #fishinglife #fish #loss

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  1. This topic hit me hard. As I got my tackle sorted, wheel bearings were greased, spooling on fresh line. It hit me that I did not know who I was gonna call to go out with this spring. " My big 3" fishing buddies were not available. My mentor just had a kidney removed and is having complications, my one buddy of 30+ years passed last year, and the 3rd has gotten to the point at 72 where he doesn't go as much, and when he does, It is usually with his grandkids crappie fishing. I was the youngest of the 4 but now Im 63 and was the youngest of the group. My son is 30 years old and works at UPS thu the week and naturally is with his girlfriend on weekends. I fished with a lot of clients over the years but it would be weird calling one of them up. Plus they usually were not the level of fishing I am used to. I always did like it fishing alone, for a change of pace. But now That's all the time. Then I saw this. Guess its just not me..

  2. Lost my 24 yr old son who was starting to beat ME in bass fishing! We won a couple tournaments together, I still find myself literally talking out loud and carrying on a full conversation with him when I'm fishing on what we need to do to find and catch these bass in this particular water!

  3. Good topic: Im 47 and I've lost 2 of my best friends and co-anglers over the past 12-15yr and just like the other day I called 8-10 people to fish a tournament with, but finally said I'll go it alone. Lost 1 in his early 30s to cancer and the other wasn't even 40 yet and had a tragic workplace accident.

  4. I feel ya and understand where you’re coming from even in my early 30s, but I feel like my fishing career has only begun I know 100x more than i did a year ago and so on so forth… but can we keep the intuitive angling episodes-intuitive- the swimbait hack with the treble trailer was probably the only video I’ve watched that was intuitive and helpful in a long time… and maybe get in the water and catch fish ? I love ya randy

  5. Well put. As someone that has spent a lifetime flyfishing for trout and am new to bass fishing at 50 years old I appreciate your videos and opinions. Alot of friends have come and gone. I think it gets better with age because you begin to revisit why you started not what you can achieve.

  6. I have relocated to a new and different city and I literally don’t know anyone else that has the same interest in fishing as me and I’m older so it’s not easy to meet people of my age that have the same interest as me

  7. I'm 54 and have been in the Bass club level of the sport for the past 30 plus years and I finally started a close friendship with a fellow angler in the past couple of years and it has certainly improved my fishing. I agree it is not something that can be forced and just has to work.

  8. Lost my Dad a few years ago who took me fishing and hunting (backpacking) in my youth. During my adult years I got caught up in working a lot and a marriage (failed) and did not find time to fish with my Dad. Now retired and finding time to fish again I realize how much spending time with my Dad was the most valuable thing I could have spent my time. Spend time with your Dad well you still can. Life goes by fast.

  9. True, My weekend fishing partner, my Father in Law, passed away 2 years ago…tough to fish without him because we always had fun on the water, catching fish or not. He would egg me on and joke about what each of us caught, which made it fun. He's gone, and fishing is just not the same anymore.😬

  10. It’s not just fishing with sports friendships. I bowled most of my life and at almost every level at some point. I had to walk away due to injuries in December 2019. Decided four back surgeries was enough combined with other injuries. I came to the realization over the past couple years since that all my friends were bowlers. Only have one of those friends that I really see anymore and we don’t even talk much less see each other near as much now. Talking guys I saw every week at least once and at times even more. Took up Bass fishing trying to replace the competition side and hopefully at some point make new friends and maybe do some tournaments for the competition side.

  11. My uncle, who taught me most of what I know about fishing in general, just lost his long time friend and fishing partner. They fished local tournaments for 40 or more years together. Said uncle probably doesn't have much time left himself. Life is beautiful, but man is it hard.

  12. Amen Randy, your assessments are spot on. It’s a lot easier to nurture the friendships you have than it is to build new ones.

  13. In my twenties and early thirties, my brother was my fishing partner. Then the unthinkable happened. He got married! Oh Congrats I lost my boat seat to his wife. But justice was served; she often out-fished him and I never could. So he got a new partner and I got a winner- and the last laugh.

  14. This is true with any relationship! Family or friends! And when you lose someone for whatever reason it really hurts!
    I like your perspective on life and how you share your wisdom and life experiences! You are a great example and great guy! God bless you!

  15. I lost my favorite fishing buddy in Oct 2020. My dad was my favorite fishing buddy for 45 yrs. Not a day goes by when i am on the lKe that I dont think about how I wish we could fish one more time. I know the exact spot on the lake where dad caught his last bass. I will stop there and say a silent prayer every time i am on that lake

  16. Randy you’re so right, I lost my fishing friend a few years ago, we ran into each other on Gibbons Creek, he was coming down the bank and as I came around the bend he was right there, he said did you leave any for me 😂, I started laughing and said heck yea !!! And we passed on. The next day we ran into each other at almost the same spot and started talking, we hit it off and we then we started fishing together done some tournaments and we did good, he helped me land my PB 9.4 and we caught 27.5 in that tournament and won First and big bass !!! I thought we had everything that it took to move forward, then he got a divorce and we never got back together.. that fast it was over we stayed in touch but he did not want to fish anymore… he’s son holds the lake record on Lake Conroe…. Sure miss my friend 😢 !!! Randy if you need someone to fish with I’m down for that Randy 😂😂😂,

  17. I totally understand. I’m down to one!! Luckily he has always been my best friend. We’re going to Kansas in two weeks,like we have for 20 plus years!! I hope we go out together.

  18. Great video Randy. Just remember y’all those old fishing buddies are still right there in your heart cheering you on to catch that biggin. They wouldn’t want you to stop what you love.

  19. talks like this seperate your channel from others…. it was great to hear about Danny…. i hope you is doing well in life and is still fishing for fun 🙂

  20. Very true Randy. Over a lifetime of fishing ( I’m 79) I’ve lost a few through either death, or moved away. And I think of them over and over even after all these years. Great video that brought tears to my eyes being in the sunset of my life.😢

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