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WHEN YOU GET IT RIGHT!! River Bass Fishing Hiwassee River

After a week of fishing in Florida I came home to east Tennessee and still trying to put the effort in to go out and do some fishing. This day didnt start with much hope but quickly turned into a super fun few hours of bass fishing. Caught several largemouth and a few spotted bass.

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  1. That was a pretty good day there John!!!! some nice Bass to get started with and now all you have to do is just keeping getting bigger ones…LOL Thanks for the journey and the exciting catches.
    God Bless and GO KATS!!!!

  2. It’s always fun fishing here. You can take a bucket of crickets and catch a mess of bream or just fish for bass. I caught a 4lbs small mouth in this spot just a little ways up the ocoee.

  3. Great video. I like the way you kept at it, even if, at first, you might have thought that you weren't going to catch many fish. You kept pluggin' away at it, and had a great time at it. I especially love the Scripture Verse that you put up. It really spoke to my heart. In this life, no matter how dirty we are, spiritually speaking, if we've gotten away from God, he'll still reach out to us, and if we respond to him, he can and will touch us, and make us clean on the inside. I know that this Scripture dealt with a Man that had leprosy, but sin is far worse than any disease. However, Jesus Christ will give us the chance to be made whole, no matter what! I'm so glad for God's Mercy! I just happened to think to ask you:Have you and the people in your Church still been allowed to gather for Worship? Just curious. Here in Virginia, our Governor tried to put a limit on people going to Church. He forgot something, though:The First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America GUARANTEES us the Freedom to Worship God! Our Governor is a Democrat, though, so you know how that goes. These Democrats always try to rule through fear and intimidation…but, according to the Constitution, they're not legally allowed to do that, either! We don't need to walk in fear. Remember-God told us in his Word:"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of love, and of power, and of a sound mind"! Take care of yourself, and may God bless you, and be with you.

  4. I've been primarily a soft craw and weightless soft jerkbaits guy for plastics but you peaked my interest. Time to give the Hellgramites another shot especially the gin clear creeks and a few rivers nearby. Thanks for sharing brother man. You're doing it the right way.

  5. Nikko hellgrammite? No way😉. Hope you’re doing ok with your current weather situation. I’ll be very impressed if you get a video out with the extreme cold. Good stuff man.

  6. That front facing flush mount rod holder looks like it really helps out. I'm glad you got on some fish. I'm trapped at home in NW AL because of this stupid ice storm. I'm definitely ready for springtime. 👊👍

  7. I have become a firm believer that you catch fish EVERY TIME you get near water! 🤣 You give the appearance that you make perfect cast every time….it would be funny if you made a short video just for kicks of all the times you squirrel fish! LOL

  8. Your the best hellgrammite fisherman ever!!! I noticed in your videos how well you do with that bait……I'm definitely going to be using those guys soon! Great video 👍

  9. Looks like a pleasant day in TN. & the fish are biting, another good day & video 🎆🐟 thank you. Don't you love it when that pole bends, your imagination goes wild🐟

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