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When to Fish a Wakebait⁉️

Chris Zaldain goes over when, where, and why to fish a wakebait

*Want to know what rods or reels I use for a certain setup??? Here’s a list to every technique I use:*


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*Giant Wakebait/Rat Setup*
Fav Rod 8’ Heavy
Splurge Rod 7’9” Heavy
Line 25lb

*MASTER LIST of My Rod & Reel Setups* (Work in progress, will continue to update)


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  1. Dude, spent so many days on Lake Shasta catching those spots and everything else in the I’m biaeed because I grew up so close but it’s my favorite lake!

  2. Have never really been into big lures. Just can’t wrap my head around it. But you and Ben got me to throwing one last night with no luck. I’m not going to give up though. I’ll try against n today, and tomorrow, and the next day, and….
    Jesus! What am I getting myself into!🤯

  3. Chris, I am still catching fish on the Zaldangerous swimbaits 👊😎. Limited budget to start wake baiting 🥹 I will set a bit aside and get started.

    I have a derby coming up next month where I have to catch 10, what would you suggest for July to get the most fish in the kayak?

  4. any chance you could do a video about big baits in the summer? like glide baits and stuff, or does that fishing die out in the heat of summer?

  5. I fished one of my first tournaments last Thursday on a local lake with a lot of pressure and after watching your videos and learning how to use a glide bait my partner and I were able to successfully get a limit, and three out of the five fish came on that bait😎 I will now be throwing it more often thanks for your amazing videos

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