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What’s a Wacky Rig?! MUST TRY for bass! #bass #bassfishing #fishing #pond #wackyrig #fish #nature

First time using a wacky rig! I HIGHLY recommend giving this one a try! Watch to see why!


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  1. Nice video!!
    Whacky rig is awesome.
    Glad to have found your channel and subscribed.
    I think you will like my channel as well. Lots of marsh fishing in Louisiana.
    And our “cover photos” are obviously completely different locals, but look so similar. Love sunrises and sunsets. A great part of fishing!

    Cheers and good luck ahead.

    Mark Guilbeau

  2. awesome vid! thanks for the tips! What worm were you using? i dont believe it was a trick worm from the packaging but could be wrong.

  3. Great job wackn em lol! The wacky rig is one of my go to's. VMC Weedless Neko 1/0 is always on one of my setups. Also try a Zoom Fluke Jr wacky style, you'll be surprised, gives off a dying fish presentation. Look forward to your next video 😉 Stay safe and tight lines!

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