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What’s a Wacky Rig?! MUST TRY for bass! #bass #bassfishing #fishing #pond #wackyrig #fish #nature

First time using a wacky rig! I HIGHLY recommend giving this one a try! Watch to see why!


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  1. Nice video!!
    Whacky rig is awesome.
    Glad to have found your channel and subscribed.
    I think you will like my channel as well. Lots of marsh fishing in Louisiana.
    And our โ€œcover photosโ€ are obviously completely different locals, but look so similar. Love sunrises and sunsets. A great part of fishing!

    Cheers and good luck ahead.

    Mark Guilbeau

  2. awesome vid! thanks for the tips! What worm were you using? i dont believe it was a trick worm from the packaging but could be wrong.

  3. Great job wackn em lol! The wacky rig is one of my go to's. VMC Weedless Neko 1/0 is always on one of my setups. Also try a Zoom Fluke Jr wacky style, you'll be surprised, gives off a dying fish presentation. Look forward to your next video ๐Ÿ˜‰ Stay safe and tight lines!

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