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What the HECK is a Cindy Rig? Secret Finesse Bass Fishing Technique

Well, folks, here we go with some Smallmouth talk from the man himself, Luke Palmer. Those feisty Smallmouth bass, let me tell ya, they’re strong and jumpin’ like crazy. When you’re out there, give ’em some drag and let ’em have their fun. Now, the Cindy rig, it’s somethin’ special, a finesse game-changer. I’ve caught ’em down south and up north, especially on those calm days. Get yourself some Cindy Rigs, find those good conditions, and go hook yourself some brownies. This rig turned my Smallmouth game around, and I’ve been pullin’ in some solid finishes. So remember, it’s all about that soft bait and takin’ it easy with those feisty Smallies.

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