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What Line You Should Use For Big Swimbaits!

In todays video, we are talking about the various different lines on the market and which ones to chose for certain applications concerning big swimbaits.

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Power Pro Braid:

Sunline FC Sniper Fluorocarbon:

P-Line CXX Co-polymer:

Trilene Big Game Mono:

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  1. Hey I have another question for you. How many consecutive days can/would you let a spool of fluorocarbon sit on a reel unused before you respool or before it starts to lose its strength? I know in one of your videos you said you respool every 3-5 trips or so but are those 3-5 trips in 3-5 consecutive days or are the separated a little more?

  2. heavy braid. 80# and you can add a fluorocarbon leader uni to uni and direct tie 100lb fluoro. for simplicity, power pro makes all the lines anyone needs from regular PP to maxxquattro .

  3. Those mono hand gestures are so spot on! 😂. I no longer use fluorocarbon as a leader for big baits. It’s too easy to burn it using a FG and so many other connection knots and you can’t tell. Using a short mono leader will see far less baits being cast off or broke off by a fish.

  4. Would Seaguar InvizX fluorocarbon be good for big glide baits (20 lb), small soft swimbaits (20 lb), and big soft swimbaits (25 lb)???

  5. Am I too late to get a response? Well my lake had a lot of grass almost all the way to the top like 30 feet off the bank. I was using the Swaver and was getting followers like crazy on the grass edge. I got one on a 💣 out cast. But normally the action of the bait would fail because of the grass. So I can’t get a full cast in. Then I lose the followers. What bait can get the followers but also have action the whole cast? Thanks have a nice weekend or day or something 😂👍

  6. In Germany I prefer to fish for capitals Silurus Glanis ("Catfish") that regularly exceed 140 pounds. I am desperately looking for a rod that can take such tremendous loads and cast baits around 10oz with ease. Do you trust the Megabass "King of Baccarat" to do this or do you know a rod that is perhaps better suited? Best regards, Normen 🤙

  7. One bad thing about braid and big baits is the braid will wrap around itself on retrieve and on drag then mid cast it suddenly stops and your 250 or whatever custom bait your using is gone unless it f;oats and not at night paid my dues to the ferry man with braid on big baits can be scary great info though love the vids Cheers!! :))

  8. I know I’m a little late to the video so hopefully you respond. But I remember a while back in the 250 video with manchee you liked fishing it on copoly. Did something happen that changed your mind or is copoly still a good choice?

  9. Great info. You are totally right about straight monofilament and big topwaters. I tried fishing a mega dog on 25lb mono and the action just wasn't there. Switched up to braid to leader and the difference was might and day. Keep up the good work.

  10. P-Line CXX is by far the best. I’ve bank flipped multiple 6-7lb bass on it and it holds up so well over time, it’s also super cheap and always in stock

  11. Bro you should try sunline flippn fluorocarbon for the slow bottom baits, has a yellow marking every 2ft or so so u can see those small ticks, but it still disappears under water plus it has less stretch than sniper, just supple with low memory and lasts longer than sniper or seaguar abrazx.
    Also you need to try sunline super natural mono. The most supple thinnest mono with the least amount of stretch ive tried. Comes in a clear blue and green. And even suffix pro mix is a good durable mono.

  12. Thank you this was helpful. I'm going mono with a musky rod and a Cardiff. Would there be an advantage to running copolymer since it is basically a more clear version of mono?

  13. In Europe we use heavy Braid 80-100lb for Swimmbaits, you never now what's bite, in the river's swim's a lot off huge Catfish 6-9 ft and over 250lb and they love swinnbaits too.

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