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What Is The Lifespan Of A Fishing Reel?

Randy talks about how long a fishing reel lasts…#angling #fish #bassfishing #fishing #angler #bass #catchandrelease #fishingreels

Lake map breakdowns…


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  1. Hey Randy,
    I still have 6 or 7 Abu Garcia baitcasters from the late '80's and early '90's that are still functional as designed but I don't use them anymore since ergonomics and everything else is so much better today, duh… I do have 2 older Abu reels that might need a little work but like Randy said, "Finding the right parts for your 'older' reel is the trick to keeping that good 'ol reel a reeln'.".. I'd say over the years I've been very happy with Abu Garcia. I still use certain models of Abu's and Lew's…. Oh, I do have one Pflueger. Lol!
    Thanks Randy!
    As always, a great video!

  2. I bought a Shimano Calisto in 2005. I still fish with it every now and then. Had 1 service in all this time, bit i kept it very clean ever since i had it. Stunning reel and just too expensive to replace wirh the Curado here in South Acrica. Thanks for stunning videos Randy. You have made me a much better angler since i started following you a few years back, if i recall correctly. Always relevant, honest and reliable! I am defnitely one of the guys who has your back.

  3. My first reel was a Shimano spinning reel with a 3:1.1. I still have it from the seventy in a box. Last year I took it out of the box, it still works. Never been greased or oiled. All my reels never been greased or oiled. They still work as the first time I took them out of the box. I don't fish a lot

  4. Second Chance Tackle is a good YouTube channel that features reel repair. You can send any reel to him and if it's fixable he can do it.
    The biggest issue reels get is too much grease. People put too much in them and they get jammed up eventually.

  5. That's the difference between a quality reel & the run of the mill plastic reels. There's a price point that separates them & its around $150-200 bucks. Sum of the bait casters around $100 are almost as disposable as the line you put on them.

  6. Great video Randy. I've got an old Quantum Iron Series, IR3 round baitcasting reel. I think that I bought three of them when they first came out. Two of them are gone due to wearing out/no parts. I've got one left, still works although it is now an emergency back up. You're right, keep your reels clean and lubricated and they will last. I also use BPS reel covers religiously.

  7. hate when these guys talk about old reels and they are only a couple of years old i keep mine for well over 10 years still use some that are from the late 70s.oil smooths up some of those old reels

  8. I have a Lew Childre Speed Spool BB1L one of the first ones that was made in Japan. Has Japan stamped on the bottom of the reel seat. I found, what I think was the last worm gear for it, located in Canada a couple of years ago. I just fished with it this past weekend. Bought it back in the 70's. They don't make them like that anymore.

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