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What Did I Do Wrong? Tournament Bass Fishing Day 1

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  1. I watched you a few years ago. Didn’t you have a patreon that raised money to take vets fishing and you took just a handful? If I’m totally wrong I apologize. Just link those vids because I enjoyed them

  2. Ya just know some of those uppity tournament guy are laughing as Rob puts the boat in the water cuz he just some yt and Googan man and he don't know what doing n blah blah.. well I guarantee ya Rob as more heart,ambition,drive,grit, hype guyness, give it your all guy and such then most of them guys!! Well they all started at the beginning once themselves and really aren't as cool as they think themselves to be. Rob, just slow down breath and don't over think this shit and just let it flow naturally, don't force it… Rome was build in a day, took time, perseverance,steadily putting cast by cast into it and hope for the best.. 👍🤗 the tailgate is just cosmetic and add character to it… no biggie

  3. Alot are happy u didnt do good. I appreciate the effort. I don't understand the hate yall get. One of my boys talks shit to me because I support you guys. Keep crushing it!

  4. Yo what's up rob I just wanted to say what's up and wish you good luck on your tournament and then tell you that your camera man is doing a pretty good job keeping up with you and making good vids but not good as cam did. He was the MAN !!!!!! at this and also hope your enjoying Fla and also likening the weather I just love fla and it's not because that's we're I'm from it's because of the fishing and my family is here and also the weather is always pretty much kick ass i hate and i mean i hate the cold but anyways good luck and kick there Azz in this tournament ??????? Go rob catch a bigger over 7 lbs

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