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WATCH THIS Video Before Going Florida Bass Fishing!

Watch this video before going Florida bass fishing! I have been bass fishing in florida for the past 5 years. Being from the Northeast the fishing is very different and these are some of the florida bass fishing tips I have learned over the years. This video will break down everything you need to know about florida bass fishing and have you catching fish in no time!

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Speed worm:

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  1. Iโ€™m heading to Florida in April and thank you so much for your breakdown of equipment and baits. This has been very helpful. Iโ€™ll be flying so I wonโ€™t be able to bring everything but think I can come up with a nice variety of baits as well as colors. Iโ€™ll be taking two travel rods, a bait caster and spinning rod. Great video!!

  2. Great video! Thank you for your in-depth explanation and thoughts on what is occurring without a bunch of background music that some creators use.

  3. Thanks Nathan, you give fantastic insight into local applications. I just wish you were stopping by my lake in Ga. I still havenโ€™t broken the code here for the bigger than average fish

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