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Wake Bait Bass Fishing Tips with John Cox

Part crankbait and topwater lure, wake baits are fairly weedless when fished correctly. As a result, they’re one of John Cox’s favorite baits for combing expansive grass flats for active bass. Cox explains the basics of fishing wake baits over mixed-grass flats, areas typically targeted with prop baits or flipping and pitching tactics.

• BAIT – Berkley Wakebull 70mm, MF Bluegill:
• ROD – Abu Garcia Veritas PLX Casting Rod, 7’6″ MH:
• REEL – Abu Garcia REVO SX Gen 4 Casting Reel (Replaces REVO Premier):
• LINE – Berkley X9 Braided Line Lo-Vis Green, 40-pound:

Designed to be fished with a straight retrieve, Cox uses a faster retrieve in open water and slows down when working wake baits prime targets like isolated grass clumps and wood. The combination of speed, surface disturbance, and sound in rattling varieties imitate fleeing food that, taken together, calls bass from a distance and triggers vicious strikes.

Cox recommends using a rod 7-foot 6-inches or longer for steering the bait through pockets and down lanes in the grass. At the same time, braid delivers much-needed strength and abrasion resistance for controlling fish around heavy cover.

• BOAT – Crestliner MX 21:
• MOTOR – Mercury 250hp Pro XS FourStroke:
• TROLLING MOTOR – Minn Kota Fortrex:




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  1. I fished tournaments for years with the Bill Norman "Wake" ..the bluegill pattern was killer on the Cal. Delta in the spring, ..and in the fall, the red craw was killer thru the sparse hydrilla patches on Clear Lake (north) and the Delta.

  2. I throw large wakebaits in Massachusetts like the MS slammer,Pats perch,or Spro 50 half the time I go. I've caught more 5 lb +fish than ever in my 30yxears of Bass fishing! By far my favorite way to catch them,and if I want to show them something different, I'll throw a big crawling bait like an I wing from Mega Bass. So productive, especially at night!

  3. I just started fishing these little wake baits like a year ago- man they work. Before then a wake bait to me was a big bait- like a big rat or a 7–10-inch swim bait. But I picked up a bomber sqaure bill- thought I did anyway- got to the creek and saw it was a Bomber shallow A, which is a wake bait- not a square bill. But I fished it anyway and man did it kill- especially after adding one of the bladed trebles by VMC- increased my bites considerably. So, then I started exploring and found the OSP wake- can't remember the name of it but it's tiny, it's made to be burnt, and it flat works. Also got a Jackal that does really well- looks about the same as the OSP tbh though- they're almost identical from the outside anyway. The osp has different internal structure that gives it slightly different action and sound- I'd say it's the better of the two. But strike king and Berkley both make a solid wake- the only issue I have is the size- they're like 2.5s- I like a 1.5 size.

  4. Great video! What time time of year is your favorite time and what water temp is the trigger for you to start throwing a wake bait?
    I was on the AZUMA pro-staff before they landed at Profound Outdoors and added wake baits to my arsenal several years ago. I've done very good with them on the Tennessee river.

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