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WADING into the UNKNOWN! (San Jose Bass Fishing)

Headed back to Almaden Reservoir for an afternoon/evening bass fishing session after work when I bumped into the dude Alex. I was talking with him and mentioned I’d love to explore the other side of the reservoir and he invited to show me the way! So we put on our waders and went on a mission. By the time we got to the fishing spot we had about an hour and a half to explore some new water before we lost sunlight. I saw some juicy spots and caught a nice one on the whopper plopper, and you all know I love topwater! I will be back for a morning fishing session soon and I have a good feeling.

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  1. Hell yeah bro nice catch! I was the dude in all white fishing the first part of the reservoir near the stop sign. I was wondering where y'all went because I heard you guys talking but couldnt see you guys when I was packing up to leave lol

  2. Yo, I will be at Loch Lomond this weekend for sure, probably gonna hit the shore, maybe see U there and collab once again, BTW, Love the music when U hook onto a good fish, do U know what its called? Nice Catch once again

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