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Unlocking the Shad Spawn: Proven Lures and Techniques for Bass Fishing | Top 4 Shad Spawn Baits

Join fishing expert Mike Iaconelli in his latest shop episode as he unveils the secrets of the thrilling Shad spawn phenomenon. Discover the timing, targets, and tactics to catch bass during this explosive event. From spinnerbaits to swim jigs, swimbaits to topwater lures, Mike shares his top four go-to lures for maximizing your success during the Shad spawn. Don’t miss out on this exclusive insider knowledge that will take your fishing game to the next level!

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Hollow Body Swimbait:


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  1. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Mike. I noticed that fewer and fewer content creators are dropping how-to and tips vids. Your vid secrets remind me to experiment and try something I haven't.

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