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Understanding How BAROMETRIC PRESSURE affects Fishing (High & Low Pressure)

Understanding BAROMETRIC PRESSURE affects Fishing (High & Low Pressure) – Learn how atmospheric pressure can affect the weather and your fishing day. In this video, I go through high pressure affects on fishing and low pressure affects on fishing. Keys things to look for and understanding which baits could help your bass fishing day be even better.

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  1. Thank you for explaining this. I am a fisherwoman trying to out do my husband "trying" so far I have only been lucky catching Striped Bass, Large Mouth, and Catfish on the Delta…..most the time I only catch a buzz but fishing is so peaceful, nice and depending if I am lucky "exciting" when I get a keeper. The way you explained vs others is perfect and helpful for me to know which weights or baits to use during highs and lows. 👍 Wish me Luck! I need some bragging rights because my luck is running low this year. 🤭😊 I am a new subscriber 😁

  2. Your technigue was the easiest explained and the easiest to throw. I went and threw a net getting my own bait and not having to pay for it for the very first time in my life. It was almost a spiritual moment for me. Felt good

  3. I went below Keystone dam with a approaching snow storm.
    The temperature had dropped rapidly and the air pressure had dropped almost 20 millibars in about 8 hours.
    I filled a big cooler with stripers in about 45 minutes and got out of there before I got stuck.
    I was using a large top water lure.
    Great day of fishing.
    Thank you for the video.

  4. Low pressure… Bad fishing
    High pressure.. Good fishing.
    Salt or fresh water.. High pressure = good fishing.
    There is a saying… "after the storm or after the rain" when it's good for fishing.. Why?..because the pressure goes up.

  5. That doesn't make sense, a few inches of water depth causes more pressure change on a fish than the difference in extremes of atmospheric pressure.
    Why would they go deeper where there is much higher pressure when there is a comparatively minute higher atmospheric pressure?

  6. just experiences this situation yesterday.far behind the hill i can see a rain is coming and black cloud moving.all of sudden,the bite rate increases so fast.we caught fish every 5-10minutes

  7. I have never been convinced that the pressure of the air (a gas) has any measurable effect on the pressure within the water column (a liquid). And if there is any measurable variation in pressure within the water column, the fish only would need to move an inch or less either way in order to adjust.

  8. "Opinions based on my experiences" oh well, thought this might be science based. Stopped the video as soon as i saw that caption…no idea what the rest of the video contained. Might as well have been based on what his dear old mother told him.

  9. 29.92 is normal ICAO pressure at SL. If you’re fishing lakes higher in elevation, normal pressure will be 1” lower for each 2,000 foot elevation increase.

  10. In ozzy we use the baro if under 1020 is best over is no good. A old fisho told me dont go fishing if over 1020 barometric
    Of if the moon is up in the day.
    I like 1006 and high going low 1hr ether way of the tide change. And live bait. Tight lines check my vids got some good fish

  11. just noticed, not being a armchair qtrback, but you set your hook waaay to hard lol. I was expecting you to rip the head off the fish

  12. I think it's ridiculous to talk about any direct effect that air pressure has on fish. They experience much greater pressure variations simply by small changes in depth. Think about it. I think it is the secondary variations related to changes in air pressure, such as ambient light, wind, etc. that affect the fish.

  13. Is this just for bass. Most sensitive anglers in the world.. bit of pressure exposes em erry time. Tuna don't care bout pressure.. moon phases way more important.

  14. In australia, we find,especially with Australian bass,the opposite is true,a rising barometer is better, over 1020hpa is good, the higher the better (we use metric hectapascles)

  15. I'm a little confused here. I thought that barometric standard pressure was 101.13 millibars yet you list it at 29.92. What's the difference, or is this a different scale? I have been studying Hurricane Camille in 1969 which had a pressure of 900 millibars. Confused. Please help! Thanks.

  16. In my experience fish who regulates their swim bladder via the bloodstream (perch, bass, walleye) often reacts to SUDDEN the low pressure by going deeper and SUDDEN higher pressure by going up in the water column. This is because they use more time to adjust to the new pressure, because they have to use their bloodstream to regulate the swim bladder rather than "burping" like a trout can…
    Im by no means an expert and some fish are of course located at different depths at all times, thus the fish will have to regulate the pressure drop/increase by going ether up or down to where other fish usually stay.

  17. One thing I've never understood is the effect of air pressure change on fish. A big swing in barometric pressure would be 2 in Hg (lets say 28 moving up to 30 in Hg). Converting that to the vertical pressure of H2O/Water is 28 in H20. Fish routinely move up and down in the water column more than 30 inches, right?. Therefore, typical changes in air pressure would be unnoticeable to them.

  18. I've always been amused by the discussions of barometric pressure affecting fish. The normal barometric pressure this fellow states as 29.92 is correct, and the scale of the pressure measurement in this case is "inches of water". There are other ways to show pressure like psi (pounds per square inch) or kilopascals, there are a variety, just like there are different ways to show linear measurements like inches, or feet, meters etc. But in this case showing the barometric pressure in inches of water is useful. When he says there is a "weight" due to barometric pressure, what he means is the weight of all the air above us pushes down on the surface of the water which is also correct. But if you're willing to believe that this effect is real (and yes it really is, I assure you) then you must also acknowledge that the fish also feels the weight of water above it as well, so that in total it feels the weight of the air AND the weight of the water. Barometric pressure changes due to fluctuations in air density (as it changes temperature) because its a gas. Water, as a liquid, not so much. So..what would you rather carry…a bucket of water or a bucket of air? Air is way, way, way lighter than water which is very believable (if not obvious). Now, barometric pressure normally ranges from about 29.6" of water to 30.2" of water. So if charlie the fish is swimming in fifteen feet of water and the barometric pressure rises from 29.9 to 30.2 he "feels" an increase in pressure of 0.3" ….a third of an inch. So if his air bladder suddenly feels funny he can swim one third of an inch shallower in the water to feel better again. Since water is so much heavier than air a very small change in depth in the water can mitigate any relatively slight change in air (barometric) pressure. And this is why I have always believed that barometric pressure changes having an affect on fish is utter horseshit. And to say that a rise in air pressure (a maximum of a third of an inch) will drive the fish to the bottom of the lake is ludicrous at best.

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