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TWO Fish Cost Us MONEY Fishing Jon Boat Tournament || Spring Bass Fishing

Please make sure to check out Matt @TRICKEDTINS

Happy Wednesday! Hope you guys have been enjoying the uploads and tournament action. I have a few more to catch up on but we’re almost there.
This is jon boat tournament #4 of the year for Ace and I and I’m happy with how it went.

I’ve been diggin the Tuesday Wednesday Thursday schedule of posting videos…Is that working for you guys? I am trying to keep up with atleast 3/week. Let me know down below.

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  1. Man where are these Jon boat tournaments at and how can I get in? Iโ€™m tired of my 9.9 getting smoked at the Wednesday nighters on Aquia. Id love to get on one of these.

  2. So close, yet so far away … Geeeezzzzzzzzz!!!! So they're moving the baits off the beds- poor hook-sets … guess you'll have that. Man! still got 'em in the boat!!! Let's Goooooooo!!!! Be Safe

  3. Solid bag of fish, despite almost pushing Ace into the lake! Loved the first cast catch after you deliberated luresโ€ฆlike it was a gut call and you followed it. Thanks for taking us along.

  4. Man itโ€™s always tough losing fish that could potentially lost you the tourny happens more times than it should! Appreciate your video homie! Next time your in NC western part Iโ€™d love to meet you! Have a good day bro

  5. Challenge:

    Matt comes back to Minnesota for my 1v1 revenge, if I lose Iโ€™ll let him shave my beard off ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ

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