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In today’s video, I attempt to catch baby turtles with a fish trap in a local freshwater canal so I can put them into my backyard pond!



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  1. Painted turtles? You probably should know about the animal that your going to take out of the wild for your benefit. When you say I don’t know much about turtles I laughed my ass off. You know nothing about them. 1 . That’s not even close to being a painted turtle. 2 . They don’t eat bread or dog food.3. Turtles don’t spawn.4. Don’t put a turtle into the water until they hold there breathe? Ya they actually hold there noses😂😂😂

  2. I can’t believe no one had commented on never put a turtle straight into the water they need time for a breath.😂ya they need time to hold there nose first then put them in!

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