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Trying out my new Daiwa DX Swim Bait Rod on Bass all Cast to Catch

Catching some real good Bass on my new Daiwa DX Swim Bait Rod.
Reel – Shimano 200 DHSV
Rod – Daiwa DX 8 Ft Heavy Swim Bait
Line – 20 # Vicious Fluorocarbon
Lure – Hud Gill Weed Less


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  1. You think the XH or the H would be better for 10” hudds, 7-9” soft weedless swimbaits such as battleshads and citizens and some bigger jig style hook swimbaits? I’m so in between

  2. Question… I am considering the DX 8' Heavy for 6.8"/7.8" Keitechs and A-rigs. Will this be enough rod or too much rod? I would also like to throw the Huddleston gill, 68 special, etc. Plan on using 20-25lb fluorocarbon.

  3. This was very helpful! I'm just getting into swimbait fishing, but have a very limited budget. The rod looks like it loads well when you need it to. I've had really good experiences with Daiwa rods and reels in the past, but it's always nice to get to see something in action. I might have to invest in one of those Huds too πŸ‘πŸ‘Š

  4. I bet that can bring in an enormous 35 lb Red fish easy with my Shimano Tranx 500 on that baby,this rod is similar to the Shimano Trevala 8 ft. inshore rods same size same line weights.And they both have same long cork handle and grip. Daiwa just about 40 bucks cheaper than Shimano.

  5. WoW!! Super nice fish! That bait looks like a winner. Wonder how it would work in the big lakes here in Central Florida. How do you like that Curado? Is it an older model? I'm in the market for a baitcaster and I've got my eye on the 200IHG.

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