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Truly The Best Way To Catch Spring Bass | Spinnerbait Tips

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  1. My favorite way to catch them every spring is a double willow solid white spinnerbait. I do love the zmans too. Hopefully the cold weather is over with here in Southern ky, and bass will start eating heavily! Can't wait to catch some donks. I like using a double curly tail grub as a trailer on mine.

  2. Well Randy, its 2023 and climate change hasn't ended the world yet! Are you sure the end of the world is near? I thought your global climate scientists said it would all be over by 2023 if we did nothing to combat it. Are you eating fake meat yet? You know cow farts are the leading cause of climate change. I hope you're not contributing to the problem by eating juicy steaks. Have a great one.

  3. All great tips but I gotta go with Randy's just cause it's something that is often overlooked in spinnerbait videos. You guys are doing excellent tho, happy to see the channel growing. Thanks for helping out this community!!

  4. Good ol'spinner bait! Can't go wrong and will catch giant's! I love that Sonar always uses the seaguar red label and that's what I use as well,the quality of line you get for the price is a great deal! Thanks for the awesome spinner bait tip's and good luck out there everyone!!

  5. Love to throw a spinnerbait….going to try the red blade and see if it helps me….got a tourney coming up on bull real soon…great information..thanks guys..

  6. Thanks again guys for some crucial information I really appreciate what you guys do I hope to get as good as you guys are but I do have a question which one of these baits would work best at the Ross Barnett Rez we have a club tournament next Saturday there and I would really appreciate any suggestions that you guys have

  7. Great video guys! Jimi, it's like every portion of the video you make, is made just for me πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ Definitely have been liking throwing a coleslaw war eagle! Keep it up guys!

  8. Jimi, red…I totally agree! I make my spinner baits, have done so since the early 80's. I put a RED bead on every spinner bait, tandem or single blade. Found by accident but I swear by it no matter the skirt or blade color. Give it a try!

  9. I like spinnerbaits and like I said hey, spinnerbaits catch em and hey, like I said, like I said, spinnerbaits are great and hey, like I said, I've caught a lot of big bass on spinnerbaits but hey like I said, hey, throw a spinnerbait like I said.


  10. I do like a spinner bait in the spring! They remind me a lot of a jig! And I'm with Jimi and that little hint of red. Whether it's a small red blade, some red in the skirt, or having a red hook, something about having just a touch of red seems to drive those bass nuts!

  11. I like all the tips but I was hoping this video was gonna show how you replaced the Colorado blades On a tandem spinnerbait without breaking the wire has you taken the back blade off. Also if you ever make your own swivels For that back blade and what size is typical. maybe something for a future video.

  12. Great video. Spinnerbait is one of the best late winter baits there is. If it’s cloudy and windy I have one tied on. Great for fishing lay downs or rock piles!

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