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Trout & Smallmouth Bass Fishing Pickering Creek in Phoenixville, PA

I took a trip up to Phoenixville, Pennsylvania in Chester County and Montgomery County to try some new fishing holes. In this video I fish Pickering Creek which is a delayed harvest trout stream where you can only fish using artificial lures. We had a great day of creek fishing and caught a handful of smallmouth bass and trout. (Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout)

Lures : Eurotackle Anisoptera & Eurotackle Hellgrammite
Jig Head : 1/32 oz
Location : Pickering Creek in Phoenixville Pennsylvania (Chester County)
Featured Fish : Smallmouth Bass, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout and Brook Trout

#Fishing #Creek #Trout

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