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Trout and Bass Fishing with Spinners

🐟My trip out to a trout stream an hour south at 5 am was not only successful in finding big trout but also in finding SMALLIES!

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  1. Great looking brown trout Mike!!! The small mouth bass is beauty!!! Sweet looking creek. I lost so many fish on treble hooks too. Brown trout are very smart fish,Lol. Awesome video Mike!!! New Sub👊

  2. So those were the smallies you were telling me about. That looked like fun. Treble vs single hooks… I'm still having a hard time with that too. What if you used treble hooks but pinch down the barbs so it does less damage when removing the hook?

  3. Check you eyes on your rod! I had line break with Floro and it was one of the eyes had a knick that was cutting it. I use power braid 10# and have never had any issue.

  4. Nice job on the video! I love your passion for fishing you can tell it's in your blood… I've lost some nice fish on single hooks but I've lost some on trebles too so I go back and forth also wondering if its the hooks or just one of those days??? keep it going Slayman I love your videos!!

  5. Greetings from Switzerland! I'm over here visiting my inlaws. Good show my Friend. I was surprised when I saw you pull that first Smallmouth out. Crazy with that braided 8LB shredding like that. Best wishes Brother!

  6. Nice smallie and brown trout, Mike! Hope you get the hook situation figured out. Funny, cause I always change hooks as soon I buy a lure. Bummer on those missed trout, get em next time!

  7. Those smallies were a nice change and using trebles is the only way to insure a hook up!! I change the stock trebles right out the box with VMC 4X's😎🎣

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