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Tried Finesse??? Then SLOOOW ROLED a Swimbait for Winter Hammers!

Learn why you should ditch the finesse baits and throw a swimbait for winter bass. What is the signal for you to make the change? What size swimbait should you throw for bigger fish without sacrificing bites? #swimbait #kietech #finessefishing


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  1. Great video. Thank you for breaking down the video to make it easier to understand. Not gonna lie, just watching made me cold πŸ₯Ά. My windows of opportunity are very narrow this time of year on The Ohio River, if it's not 8Β°, it's flooded chocolate milk out of the banks. I've been gambling with a finesse umbrella rig, slow rolling in deep eddies with some success. Spring can't get here fast enough!

  2. Was out yesterday too. Cold, windy and empty! Caught few cranking in a ditch, but wish I had this tip then. Definitely put to use. Question, was the jig head 90 degree or 60 degree? The latter is supposed to give better head rock on retieve. In your opinion does that matter in this technique or is there a time when the tie position is critical (maybe that is a vedio on its own) Thanks!

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