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TOP 5 Baits following the SPAWN! (Late Spring-to-Early Summer)

TOP 5 Baits following the SPAWN! (Early Post Spawn) – These are a few of my favorite baits to fish immediatly following the spawn. You have a lot of bass in different places in the spawn-to-early post spawn stage. These baits cover me from shallow to deep. Thanks for riding along!

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  1. JC my main man no swimjig on the list? Been my go to for last several years late spring early summer. Waiting on you to bust open soon and bring another blue one home.

  2. It’s amazing how similar you approach to post spawn is to mine! It’s an honor to get this type of confirmation from a legendary angler like you JC! Thanks for the great tips again brother

  3. Jason, I’m having problems with my rod locker and other compartments leaking on my x21. Did you have this issue? Any advice? All my tackle is getting soaked when it rains.

  4. After losing both of my parents I had lost my love for fishing so I thought until I ran across your videos! My love for fishing is back , thank you for inspiring me to get back at it

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