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Top 3 Spinning Rods For Bass Fishing

This video covers my favorite spinning rods that I use to Bass fish. These rods cover a variety of price ranges and I throw a variety of finesse presentations using these rods. Let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. Those rods look insane. My rods are not nearly as expensive/ nice but my favorite rod I got in 2022 is the Quantum Accurist. It’s $150 for the spinning combo and it’s honestly the nicest combo I own. It’s better than some of my $200-250 combos. My second favorite is another Quantum. It’s the Quantum Throttle II. It’s only $60-70. I honestly think this combo is favorite due to the quality you get for such a cheap price.

  2. Got my first 6th Sense rod this year and I love it. 6'9" Movement baitcasting rod, it's awesome. I'm sure I'll grab a couple of their spinning rods this year, especially with code REEL for 10% off!

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