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Here is another video of some giant bass getting caught. Since you guys blew up the last video with giant bass, I decided to post another one. Hop you guys enjoy these giant bass getting caught. I hope you guys catch the this big. Make sure to like and subscribe for more. Check out the original videos linked below.

1. The North Florida Angler

2. FishingwithNorm

3. The North Florida Angler


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  1. Braided line has changed the game I feel they literally can't break it and if your drag is right I believe we will see more and more bigger fish caught as a kid there were so many times even with the drag right they would make a run and snap…

  2. Florida bass get so big. That constantly warm weather produces such huge bass. I’d love to go after them. I live in Tennessee and have caught some nice ones, but those monsters are few and far between. I had a great spring fishing season, but summer has been very slow.

  3. I had a friend that had a big ugly stick. 6'6" heavy action. He used it minnow fishing for bass and bowfins. In the river for cats and stripers. Out in the bay for anything that would bite. I've seen him catch crappie smaller then catfish baits. 6oz. to 30#'s . He was about 5'2" so it looked even bigger . I'd show up with three or often more rods and he had that same as always old rod. Miss those days.

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