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Here is another video of bass fishing. In this video there are some hogs caught and hope you guys enjoy them. If you enjoy the video hit the like button and show some love. Make sure to check out the original videos linked below!!!

1. BamaBass

2. Dthao92

3. Greg Blanchard

4. Fishing with Nordbye


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  1. The problem I have with Bam, while he catches a lot of big fish, he never weighs or measures them. and says this about a fill in the blank size fish. I always measure and weigh my fish if they are keepers. And many of my bash fishing friends are the same way. My dad always taugh me, if you don't weigh or measure it, you can't claim a weight or length on a fish.

  2. That first fish was crazy!!! The way it hit at the boat and how vicious of a hit it was!! Made my heart jump lol!! Beautiful fish bud!!!

  3. My pb sets at 8 pounds even and I am proud to say that I caught it on a topwater wake bait

    At the start of the weekend I was kinda bummed out because I realized that my pb was only three pounds and some change and I decided to have my buddy come over after school and go to a pond with me before we fished the tournament the next day to see if we could get our gear dialed in. Sooo fast forward to almost dark and he was wanting to leave but I was catching a couple every now and then on this topwater bait so I told him that he could start getting his stuff ready to go and that I was going to fish until the next hour rolled around. So I’m fishing this topwater and I get a huge blowup and set the hook into what was my new pb at 4.25 pounds and I was as happy as could be. So we fished the tournament and all I caught was one dink the whole day but I was fine cause I broke my pb the night before. So after the tournament I tied on that wake bait again. The next day I fished my pond for about an hour but it wasn’t what I was looking for so I waited until about that same time again but this time my buddy wasn’t with me. Casting out in the middle I saw a big blowup near the opposite bank and I quickly reeled back in and casted over top of the spot where I saw the blowup and then it happened. The biggest bass I have ever seen in person had my bait all the way in the back of its throat and the fight was on. Since I was bank fishing I didn’t have a net and I decided to boat flip it onto the bank. After about 5 or 6 minutes that felt like hours of drag pulling I finally got it close enough to flip it. Out of the water came a bass that weighed 8.00 pounds and had a length of 23 inches. I filled up the bucket they o brought with pond water and took it to my house to show my parents and they were amazed by the fact that I caught this fish and it was dark outside so they thought that I had given up on fishing that day. We weighed it again at the same weight and I put it back in the pond it came out of. I will say I highly recommend a wakebait in pink and green with a worm tail in late august

  4. I've seen this first strike more than once. Every time I'm in shock how a strike like that. Coupled with the fight of this fish, not to mention the size. What blows me away is the ability to make this catch with no vocal response during it by him???
    I couldn't catch this (or any) fish while being silent if I tried with all my being!…lol
    What a great catch.
    All of them! 👍

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