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Top 3 Bass Fishing Baits for January Fishing: Beginner Tips & Techniques

In this video, we’ll discuss three bass fishing baits for January fishing. We’ll discuss the best ways to use each bait to catch big bass in January!

January is the time of year when bass start to move into shallower water to feed. This is the time of year when you can catch some big bass with lake fishing gear, using baits like minnows, worms, and soft plastics. In this video, we’ll discuss three bass fishing baits that are perfect for January fishing!
In this video, we’re going to discuss the top three bass fishing lures to use in January. These lures will bring in some big bass fish during January fishing season and in the winter!

January is a great time to fish for bass, and with the right bait, you can put in some great catches. In this video, we’ll discuss the three best bass fishing lures to use in January. From nymphs to crankbaits, these lures have been proven to bring in some big fish! so don’t wait, get out there and start fishing with the best bass fishing lures in January! Winter bass fishing tips, tricks and techniques to catch more large mouth bass.

What THREE bass fishing baits and lure should you be using in January to catch more large mouth bass? Here is my top three lures for bass for anglers fishing through-out the country and do not have ice and snow. From the suspending or sinking jerkbait, to flat sides crank baits to a surprise jig and trailer that has been amazing down in Florida right now. This is a beginners guide, tips and tactics fishing video to help you learn more about the conditions in the month of January and the techniques you should use to catch bass.

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  1. Yeah they are, jerkbaits slow rolling square bills and paddle tail swimbaits. Now take those 3 baits and make a video of you catching bass on them. Instead of sitting there running your mouth acting like you know everything.
    IAM up in Massachusetts and it's in the 30s and 40s and I used those 3 baits I said to use and put up 22 bass 2 days ago in the middle of winter..and I didn't need a YouTube channel to help me do it..

  2. Happy new year Steve, fishing is still probably a few months away for me,rod and reel maintenance time,tackle management,and organization time…Thanks for the video

  3. Was able to get out for a few casts today . Had an open channel of water about 50’ wide 75’ long . Got a dart on a jerkbait. No bass but felt good trying ! Happy New Years 🍻

  4. Happy New Year! A SteelShad or SilverBuddy blade bait would be my substitute for the shallow crabkbait. Works kind of the same way with a tight vibration.

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